[via P2ENews] Earn up to 262 SLP a day in Axie Infinity by following this guide! Also, see the equivalent real money weekly earnings using 1 SLP = PHP 7 (1 SLP = 0.14 USD).

Phase #1 (First 2 weeks)

Energy: 20/20

Goal: 150 SLP daily

Gain: 2,100 SLP in 14 days = PHP14,700 or 294.53 USD

In Day 1 to Day 15, focus on gaining EXP in Adventure Mode (PvE). When you have used all your energy, you may now battle in Arena Mode (PvP) to complete the Daily Quest (Daily check in, win 5 Arena matches, and win 10 Adventure mode levels). Daily Quest guarantees you 50 SLP when completed.

When you are out of energy for the day, battle in Lunacia Ruins (Adventure Mode) to farm SLP hit your 100 SLP daily cap for PvE.

Phase #2 (Third Week)

Energy: 20/20

Goal: 185 SLP daily

Gain: 1,295 SLP in 7 days = PHP9,065 or 181.55 USD. That is PHP23,765 or 475.21 USD in 21 days.

Split your energy: Use 10 for Adventure Mode and 10 for Arena Mode. Complete the Daily Quest.

Tip: When you have used all your energy, make sure to drop your Match Making Rate (MMR) between 1,100-1,150 if you are higher than this amount by losing a few PvP battles. This can potentially give you a higher Win Rate (WR) because when you have a high MMR, you will face more challenging opponents in PvP. You will have a higher chance of losing and gain no SLP, plus you consumed energy for nothing. Earning 10 SLP per win but having a low WR is worse than 7 SLP per win with a better WR.

Phase #3 (Fourth Week)

Energy: 20/20

Goal:  262 SLP daily

Gain: 1,834 SLP in 7 days

Use all 20 energy in PvP to guarantee maximum SLP. By this time, you should have a deeper understanding of your cards and how to play them to win. Thus, your goal should always be winning at least 16/20 when using energy to play PvP.

After using all energy in PvP, you may now max out the 100 SLP daily limit in PvE. After this, completing your daily quest is considered done!

The SLP earnings work out like this:

PvP: 7 SLP x 16 Wins = 112 SLP

PvE: 100 SLP maximum earned from grinding.

Daily Bonus: 50 SLP

Total = 262 SLP per day.

After a month of playing Axie Infinity, just repeat the process in Phase 3 to maximize your SLP earnings.

To summarize, if you use this guide, you could earn at least 5,229 SLP in your first month and 7,860 SLP in the following months. That is PHP 36,603 (731.92 USD) in your first month and PHP 55,020 (1,100.20 USD) in the following months.

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How to Farm SLP Easily in Axie Infinity (1st Month Guide for Beginners) How to Farm SLP Easily in Axie Infinity (1st Month Guide for Beginners) Reviewed by Kristian S. on 12 July Rating: 5

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