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In a Facebook post, DLSU alumnus ang Duterte supporter RG San Luis shared what he knows about Fabian Go, the man being linked to Senator Antonio Trillanes for having an alleged joint bank account with.

Read his complete Facebook post below:

Go has been very controversial of late after reports surfaced of him having joint foreign currency bank accounts with Sen. Antonio Trillanes in several countries.

Go's name first surfaced in the public eye after he and Robert Fong were identified as consultants at the office of Sen. Trillanes back in 2014 when the latter was investigating the anomalies which involved then Vice-President Jojo Binay and his son, Makati Mayor Junjun Binay over anomalies in the construction of the Makati City Hall and the Makati City Hall Building 2. Aside from being consultants drawing a salary of P80,000 per month, Go and Fong were also listed as campaign conributors in SOCE filed by Trillanes at the Commission on Election.

Go also figured in another controversy last month over the House of Representatives probe into the alleged anomalous purchases of fertilizer, medicines and vehicles by the provincial government of Ilocos Norte under Gov. Imee Marcos.

Go's company, Granstar Motors, supplied the Rand new multi-cabs. Granstar was awarded the contract under a negotiated purchase after it was the only supplier who was capable of delivering brand new units. Most of the Suzuki multi-cabs in the country are Japanese surplus units converted from right hand to left hand drive.

Go's LinkedIn profile details his impressive educational credentials. He has several Master's degrees and also a doctorate. He recently finished the Master's in National Security Administration course at the National Defense College of the Philippines. This is qualified him as an Army Reserve Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Go is no stranger to controversy. Granstar Motors was one of the first to import China brand motorcycles in the country back in 2008. This stopped because of heavy losses attributed to their inability to collect on buyers who bought units on an installment basis.

He was also the first importer/distributor of Mahindra in the Philippines before it was awarded of late to Columbian Autocar Corporation of Palawan Gov. Jose Alvarez. Granstar wasn't able to successfully market Mahindra owing to the large amount of capital required.

Granstar was also the exclusive importer and distributor of the Italian scooter and motorcycle company Vespa and its other brands Agusta, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and TVS. Vespa in particular, has a large following in the country and its own group nationwide.

Controversy dogged Granstar again after it began undercutting its own dealers in the local market. There were also numerous complaints of the lack of after sales service and support, particularly service parts.

Aside from this, dealers and buyers also complained about the inability of Granstar to provide the papers of each unit for them to be registered with the Land Transportation Office. A shipment of scooters and motorcycles which arrived as Subic was seized after it was discovered that the cargo was underdeclared by as much as thirty percent.

Vespa eventually cancelled its agreement with Granstar and awarded the exclusive import and distribution rights of Vespa and its other brands to the AutoHub Group of Willy Tee Ten.

Go's business that is successful is his financial services subsidiary which operates under the trade name of Peramax. Peramax operates money remittance centers in Singapore and Sydney. It opened a subsidiary in Vancouver but couldn't gain market share over a competitor which has been in the business of money remittance and balikbayan boxes for fifteen years.

One wonders how someone who is so well educated could figure in so much controversy. As the details over both scandals continue to unfold, the public can only watch with bated breath as to what will come next.

Source: RG San Luis's Facebook

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