Amir Assadollahi, an international political scientist, lambasted Sen. Risa Hontiveros for seemingly agreeing to what Maute group was doing in Southern Philippines and blames the government for their uprising.


Assadolahi condemns Hontiveros for telling that she believes the Maute Group aren’t doing rebellion in Marawi, that doing what Maute group is right. Assadollahi seem to lose his cool, stating this, “Do you realize what you have just stated? You are openly telling people in the Philippines to pick up arms, kidnap people, take people hostage, cut people's head off and murder them, rape people, force people to accept their values, do force entry, burn places and take people's personal property, attack jails and government facilities, committing acts that violates national laws and national security and considered to be crimes and illegal, and at the same time it is going to divide the country and will lead to people from all over the Philippines who in criminal organization and members of criminal syndicates and are involved in criminality, drugs and corruption to join ranks with terrorists and commit acts of lawlessness and put the general public's life in danger and put the national security in danger by undermining peace and security and the reforms and progress the Philippines is making under the notion of "epitome of courage and resilience."

Assadollahi questions Hontiveros for the senator believes that the terrorist group in Marawi  is an “epitome of courage and resilience". It was this group that aims to spread terror in the region, aims to establish a lawless state in Mindanao and make it as a wilayah in Philippines.

He also slams the senator for she said that these terrorists are such an inspiration and approving of their beliefs. In such a way, Assadollahi sees it as Hontiveros directly telling the Filipinos ‘to be lawless, murder people, rape, steal, take the public facilities by force and by guns, storm the jails, kill the national guards and police, bomb, take hostage, sell drugs to finance themselves, do human trafficking and child prostitution, etc etc by telling people to be inspired by them and do what what they think is right’.

Assadollahi wonders if Hontiveros too, is financing the Maute Group or was in full participation together with Trillanes, De lima and other cohorts to destabilize this country and turn it like a “Syria” and other nation terrorized by the extremists. “Are you so much bitter for having your party the losing party of minority that you are willing to let your country be divided and burn in fires of war and destruction to just satisfy your grudge and shattered ego? Are you so blind that you and your loser friends cannot see that your country is in real threat of foreign contra affair agencies' direct manipulation to enter into war and danger the regional security,” Assadollahi powerfully asked.

Assadolahi saw the destabilization plot that Hontiveros’ party may be up to, and suggested that they should be placed behind bars for endangering the Philippines peace and security and for ‘instigating and directing people’ to be lawless and commit a crime because of her statement.

“You are telling people to be like ISIS and do what they believe is right and not follow what the law says is right.” Assadollahi added that she encourages them to be rebels, to cause upheaval and this can be considered as an act of treason by using her influence against the government.

Assadollahi thinks that Hontiveros might need to pay a vacation in a mental hospital because what she said was crazy. He also said that her statement was so stupid, the stupidest thing he heard from a public official.

Assadollahi encourages these public officials to unite the country. He has also a friendly advice to Hontiveros, “Check your dictionary next time that you thought you had a brilliant idea conspire you countryman and women to do your dirty bidding to overthrow your government and divide your country in pieces.”

“By now you should have realized why I called you "Carnivorous", because you are blood thirsty like the carnivores, and what you are doing is going to cause a lot of innocent people dying, said Assadollahi to Hontiveros.  Hontiveros and her party can think what went wrong in their plans he said while waiting for their own verdict but this Canadian Political Scientist has thought that the traitors of the government must be penalized through the traditional French Guillotine, to remind everyone that ‘corruption, treason and crime does not pay well.’

Source: Amir Assadollahi

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