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Bong Revilla berates the OPM royalty Jim Paredes for being an embarrassing Filipino trying hard to be the authority of People Power. This is after the latter showed a disgusting dictator attitude towards a youth group who joined the People Power rally during the anniversary of the iconic historical event.

Major entitlement

Revilla slams the OPM singer and told him straight up that he is not an authority for the People Power. Even if he was there during the actual event, and even if he wrote a song about it.

The former senator reminded Paredes that the Yello Party is not equivalent to the People Power. People Power was brought about by the Filipinos, not the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party won that day, but it still is not the authority party or figure of the said event.

EDSA Legacy

Because of his sense of entitlement, Paredes showed his beast side during the rally, which removed the essence of the camaraderie and the unity that Filipinos showed during the EDSA Revolution. Revilla told Paredes that he is embarrassing and he does not embody the Filipino people. Especially if he acts that way, it is better if he returns to Australia because it is disgusting to call him a Filipino.

No relevance
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Aside from the sense of entitlement that the Yellow seems to have, Revilla also reminded Paredes and his whole party that it is not the Yellow who brought about the People Power. It is the Yellow who stole the People Power from the Filipino people.

It was them who benefited from the event and started taking advantage of the wealth of the Philippines.

Today, however, Revilla reminded him that the Yellow party and especially Paredes are no longer relevant to the Philippines. In fact, they are the ones who are stopping the Philippines in progressing the way that it really should.

Nobody wants you

In the end, Revilla told Paredes that maybe it is time to go back to Australia because the Philippines do not need him anymore. However, on a related note, he also was worried that even the Kangaroos in Australia will kick Paredes out because of his mean demeanor.

Read the complete Facebook post of Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. below:

Jim Paredes, kahiya-hiya ka. For someone claiming to be pro-freedom and pro-democracy, you sure look like a tyrant! Sa nagmamalaking tagapagtaguyod ng kalayaan at demokrasya , ikaw ang diktador!  Para sa isang nangangalandakan ng pagiging disente, inilabas mo ang napakasahol mong asal.

The future belongs to the youth, and those youth exercised their freedom to express their beliefs. You stood in their way saying they had no right to do so. Ipinakita mo ang tunay na kaanyuan ninyong mga dilawan.

Na sa inyong mga utak, kayo lang ang tama at kung hindi niyo kakampi, dapat ihiya at pagdusahin. Yan nga mismo ang ginawa niyo sa akin. Ganunpaman, hindi ito tungkol sa akin kundi tungkol sa inyo. Alam kong subukan niyo na naman ilihis ang usapan, pero hindi kayo makakaiwas sa katotohanang inilantad ninyo sa lahat. Let’s put this in the proper perspective.

Just because you were in EDSA in 1986 and wrote a song for it does not make you an authority of People Power. Hindi kayong mga dilaw ang People Power. Ang Pilipino ang People Power. Kayong mga dilaw ang umagaw nito sa mga tao para makinabang at mamunini. Kayo ang nagnakaw ng EDSA sa tao. You ruined EDSA. Kayo ang bumaboy sa People Power, na kitang-kita sa ginawa mo.

You do not embody the Filipino. In fact, kahiya-hiya kang matawag na Filipino. You do not embody the Filipino’s dreams, aspirations and ideals. In fact, ikaw ang balakid para makamit ng mga pilipino ang mga hangarin at aspirasyon. Hindi ka nakakatulong. You simply cannot accept that you are no longer relevant; that you can no longer fool the Filipino. Umalis ka na lang at makisalamuha sa mga Kangaroo. Pero baka pati mga Kangaroo, sipain ka rin dahil sa sama ng ugali mo.
Photo from Philippine Star

The sourced article was written back in March of 2017.

Recently, the PDAF-scam-involved senator was sentenced not guilty after the 3 judges favored the acquittal of the latter in a vote of 3-2, with 2 as the dissent.

Source: Pinoy Trending

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Bong Revilla to Jim Paredes: Baka pati mga Kangaroo, sipain ka rin dahil sa sama ng ugali mo Bong Revilla to Jim Paredes: Baka pati mga Kangaroo, sipain ka rin dahil sa sama ng ugali mo Reviewed by The News Feeder on 09 August Rating: 5

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