Single mom’s open letter to LP and CBCP: You cannot even empathize with the real victims for your political agenda!
On the wake of the two students from Siliman University | Photo from Mr. Nino Pinero
As the number of klled suspects—brought about by the spate of PNP drgs raid—continue to thrive, with their family seeking for justice, the other side of the story, at the same time, is completely hard to ignore.

Indeed, one can’t deny the fact that a passel of klled suspects caught red handed are getting more and more terrifying as their count significantly increases each day.

However, we must accept the painful truth that confronts us every day of our lives, the other side of the story: that we can’t turn a blind eye onto the victims mrdered or rap3d, or both, by none other than the drg users or pushers themselves.

‘No due process!’, some would say. ‘EJKs happen left and right!’, others shout.

Apparently, the news we see on TV or online, or anywhere, is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to that than what reaches our very eyes. Looking through a lens is a good idea to further comprehend what the media doesn’t want, or only wants, us to understand.

President Rodrigo Duterte wouldn’t work his ass of in launching his campaign against illegal drgs since he took office for nothing.

Following the de@th of Kian Loyd Delos Santos, the slain 17-year-old boy in one of the recent anti-crime operations conducted by the Philippine National Police in Caloocan City, in another tragic incident, some innocent lives were taken away by a man in Dumaguete City. His reason for klling them? Drgs.

Nino Pinero, a Professor in Siliman University, weeps after his daughter and her friend were both stabbed to de@th by the crazy drg addict.

To make it worst, his daughter was currently pregnant when the crime took place; depriving his grandchild the right to live.

But, unlike Kian’s, on her wake, the wake of a pregnant mother klled by a drg user, neither Senators nor Catholic priests showed up to empathize on the slain mother and the family left behind.

In a Facebook post, a single mom shared her take on what seemed to be a bizarre happening in the country.

You know your country is f*cked up when the wake of the drg suspect is attended by some high government officials and priests yet none of them showed up on the drg user’s victim’s.


For the past few days I was doing research on a few things like I said. A new FB friend sent me a message telling me about a Dad in Dumaguete who lost his only daughter to a drg crazed addict who used 7 knives to stab her and a friend in Siquijor last April. I did the research, read up on everything and his recent "upheavals". I need not tell you all that I have no words to fully express how deeply this affects me because I am a single mom with a daughter too. His only daughter was even 3 - 4 months pregnant when she and her friend was mercilessly stabbed to de@th so many times by a drg addict.

Single mom’s open letter to LP and CBCP: You cannot even empathize with the real victims for your political agenda!
The late Lorraine and Nikki of Siliman University | Photo from Mr. Nino Pinero

Nino Pinero is a professor in Siliman University. He is a coach. Given what I have read about this gentleman, he is a very compassionate man, a loving father and being a coach to youngsters - deeply loved by his students. And I would like to give him his privacy in as much as I can. 100% respect for this man.

His recent "upheavals" came with the pronouncements of the CBCP against EJKs, Senators more inclined to protect drg addicts/ pushers and drg lords than victims and using a 17 yr old boy from Caloocan to further their political charades.

These two ladies received no rallies in their names. Senators never went to their wake. Priests never announced a tolling of the bells for them. 

To lose a child... I have no words. I do not know how to reach out to Nino to comfort him even as my heart breaks for his loss.

But this much I can do for him and the countless number of victims mrdered, rap3d, chopp3d up by drg addicts at the peak of their drg crazed hallucinations.

Being an addict is NOT a disease. It is a choice. So please, Senators, Priests and whoever thinks they have the moral high ground to preach to us - please do not romanticize the ill-choices made by addicts. They are not disease-riddled assholes. They made a choice to become an addict and should be dealt with expeditiously. I personally prefer de@th to those caught red handed like the mrderer who took Nino's daughter from him.

Please do not put the welfare of criminals ahead of the victims nor their families. They are the VICTIMS here and that should have counted for something if you truly valued "life" because these are kids - with a bright future ahead of them, they had ambitions, they had parents who loved them, they had friends who adored them. And they were rap3d or mrdered , or both - for no reason except the perpetrator was high on drgs. Yet you have the nerve to declare these addicts as "victims" of EJK. Ring church bells for them, go on TV with your onion infected pretentious "tears", go on paid rallies proclaiming this war on drgs as a menace to society.

YOU are the menace to society.

Your lack of empathy to the families of those who are the real victims is offensive enough. Your apathy alone is telling of your political ambitions. It tells everyone what kind of a human being you truly are.

I don't want to wish the same level of grief on you and your undeserving tribe but I do and I will. Because until you know first hand how it feels to have your heart literally torn out of your chest, to have the air knocked out of your lungs, when you can't breath because its too painful to live without the people you love.. you will always side with criminals; because you are just like these addicts and pushers you protect. Criminals and a menace to all of us.

It is simply disgusting that you cannot even empathize with the real victims here and the families they left behind, all for your personal political agenda. 

As for these priests and the CBCP - you are a disgrace to the religion you represent. May church bells fall on your empty heads and crush your heartless souls.

For Nino Pinero and all the parents and relatives of real victims lost to drg addicts... we send our heartfelt love to all of you and hope, in someway, we've done our share of speaking up for those who are no longer with us.


Source: Jenifer Aquino

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Single mom’s open letter to LP and CBCP: You cannot even empathize with the real victims for your political agenda! Single mom’s open letter to LP and CBCP: You cannot even empathize with the real victims for your political agenda! Reviewed by The News Feeder on 18 July Rating: 5

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