In a desperate move to avert people’s attention from the looming PDAF scandal that they dug themselves in, former president Noynoy Aquino and his enabler, and right-hand man Mar Roxas decided to use a diversionary tactic to divert peoples attention to the PDAF scam - by way of the Zamboanga siege.

Desperate Move

According to the online news site Daily Tribune, in a move to iron out the terrible mess that Aquino and Roxas created that was the PDAF scam, they decided that the best solution to divert people’s attention from the looming pork barrel scandal is to create something more sinister - a war.

So they invited the MNLF, who up until that point was a dormant force, and offered them an opportunity to stake their claim again as a cohesive force in the South, by flattening the beautiful city of Zamboanga - all for the purpose of covering up for their plunder of the nation’s wealth.

Collateral Damage

More than 300 lives were lost during the Zamboanga siege. It ended years-long peace talks with the Muslim rebels. Both sides lost loved ones, families, and friends during the 19-day ordeal that was the brainchild of someone who was supposed to prevent conflicts like these from happening.

MNLF spokesman Emmanuel Fontanilla bared that the siege could’ve easily been averted if not for the “3vil” intentions of Aquino and Roxas. They were desperately looking for a “big media event” to divert people’s attention from the pork barrel scam, and they found an opportunity with the Zamboanga situation.

Surrender Of PDAF Queen Staged

Fontanilla also claimed that the surrender of alleged PDAF Scam Queen Janet Napoles was nothing but a staged scheme perpetrated by no less than Roxas himself. He acted as the driver of Napoles and went to Malacanang to “surrender”, instead of going to the law enforcement agencies.

Source: Daily Tribune

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