Sen. Panfilo Lacson said President Rodrigo Duterte should be president for life.

The senator made the claim after the Mindanaoan President announced two promising things to the public that some would perceive as too good to be true.

Recently, Pres. Duterte promised that early next year or by the end of 2019, it would only take 5 minutes from Cubao to Makati. Later, he gave another one: to find a solution on flight delays and cancellations in a month's time.

As a result, Sen. Lacson said that Duterte could be considered a 'superhuman' if he would be able to fulfill such big promises.

The former added that the he should be President for life for addressing such never-ending problems.

In his Twitter post, he said, “If PRRD delivers on just two promises he recently made: (1) to cut travel time from Cubao to Makati to 5 minutes within 6 months and; (2) to eliminate flight delays in NAIA within one month, for being superhuman, he deserves to be president for life”.

But, Sen. Lacson, on the other hand, said that the President should be held liable if what happened was the other way around.

“Yes, as he should be held to account for promising to solve the country's drug problem as well as corruption that remains unabated in some traditionally graft-ridden agencies,” he said in a separate text  message.

Sen. Vicente Sotto, Senate President, said that what the Chief Executive promised sounds good however, he does not have an idea yet how those can be carried out.

“Sounds good but I have no idea how yet,” he said in a text message.

The President said things will improve by December.

In an interview with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy's Sonshine Media Network Saturday, Duterte said, "You don't have to worry about traffic... Cubao and Makati will be about five minutes na lang".

Source: GMA News

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