Sa gitna ng kontrobersyang kinakaharap ngayon ng ABS-CBN, isang solid Kapamilya ang gumawa ng liham para sa naturang network kaugnay ng napipinto nitong pagsasara dahil sa maaaring hindi pagka-renew ng kanilang prangkisa bago ang March 30, 2020.

Narito ang matapang na mensahe ng naturang Kapamilya:


I have always been grateful to you for giving me great childhood television experience, from Wansapanataym to Hiraya Manawari, Matinik, and many more. It has molded me in such a way that my desire for learning scorched. You have been producing so much quality teleseryes, but I have to admit that you also produced low quality ones.

I hate it, not the fact that you're facing a possible termination of your franchise, but the idea that lots of people might end up losing their jobs, worst most of them are perennials.

You know what's wrong? It isn't about the tax anymore. It's the fake news you are promulgating, yes, you are full of fake news. And most of them happen online.

Imagine how many followers you have? Your leads are misleading. Most of them are one-sided. It is but fitting to tell everyone that you really are a bias station. And unfortunately, thousands of people out there might suffer because of your irresponsible journalism.

As much as I don't want to, actually, you and Rappler have one thing in common-- personal interest over the truth.

Again, I do not want you to be closed, but if in case you overcome this battle, learn from it at least. Please.

Your 23-year subscriber ❤️

Source: Robert Aquino

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Solid Kapamilya writes powerful open letter against ABS-CBN Solid Kapamilya writes powerful open letter against ABS-CBN Reviewed by The News Feeder on 12 February Rating: 5

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