A 17-year-old named Kimberly who lives in the island of Manait in Boracay, Albay was being believed pregnant with fish.
17 year old Kimberly and an image of fish via ultrasound / Photo from GMA News Online

She already gained 10 kilos and her tummy has been growing for seven months now.

At first, her family thought she was hiding a boyfriend but Kimberly defended herself saying she doesn’t even have suitors.

Meanwhile, Manait holds dearly a superstition: women should not swim in the ocean or even in rivers during their menstruation. In fact, they should wait five days after their monthly period before they could enjoy those activities.
Kimberly / Photo from GMA News Online

In the episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”, Kimberly’s grandmother explained how swimming in the ocean during menstruation can cause ailments. Besides, swimming while on your period may attract sea creatures like fish, octopus, and eel.
The ultrasound image / Photo from GMA News Online

Kimberly had an ultrasound, where they found a fish-looking entity in her stomach and it got the village talking and strengthened their belief.

But after getting a second opinion, Kimberly found out she actually has an ovarian cyst.

Her doctors squashed the town’s belief and said it’s impossible for a human to be carrying a live fish in the womb, or even in the stomach.

Right now, what Kimberly needs is an operation. She needs her cyst removed or run the risk of it exploding inside her body and giving her infection.

Source: GMA News Online

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