Galit ang namayani sa puso ng mga taong nakabasa ng advisory na ito ng Adamson University para sa kanilang mga estudyante.

Hindi napalagpas ng mga netizen ang advisory ng Adamson University para sa kanilang mga estudyante sa gitna ng banta na dala ng novel coronavirus acute respiratory disease.

Puna ng karamihan, racist o discriminating para sa mga estudyanteng Chinese ang naturang advisory ng unibersidad. 

Narito ang kanilang naunang pahayag:

Ang paraan kung paano nila ito inilahad ang naging ugat ng galit ng mga netizen kung kaya naman pinutakte ito ng mga komentong hindi kanais-nais. 

Narito ang ilan sa kanila

Franco Mabanta:

This is horrible. Not only is this indisputably racist, refusing entry to all Chinese students and graduates -- REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY'VE BEEN TO CHINA -- is the fundamental definition of discrimination based solely on skin and ethnicity.
Why are you like this? You're a SCHOOL for fuck's sake.

Jaezeline Dy:

This university just showed everyone why you should not enroll your child here. They educate very poorly. Education isn’t only about academics, but also about being a good, compassionate human being.

Charlene Aban:

The intention is nice pero yung pagkaka draft nung memo 🤷 Refer to how FEU draft their advisory. AdU's PR people please fix this. Kindly remove this post and draft a new one.

Noel Bartolo:

Hello, ADU management. I totally understand that we want our university to be NCOV VIRUS-FREE but I dont get whats the point of this Memorandum. I think we should have revisit the phrases and terminologies being used as these are somehow offending.
All the best,

Anne Marie:

Can’t believe this school teaches prejudice to it’s students. I hope those Chinese students will consider enrolling to a different school next semester

Mike Gamos Forte:

I vehemently oppose the statement as it is xenophobic.

You’re better than this, Adamson University! It’s in the portals of our shared mission-vision to uphold the dignity, integrity of every race.

We must come-up with elucidated, dignified, respectful, educated words that supports us as one as a member of Vincentian Community, humanity.

We don’t crucify any race, rather we must elevate the discourse in a compassionate way.

The AUSG Adamson University Student Government has the moral responsibility to call the attention of the community that might ‘demean’ the fabric and core of our very existence. After all, you are the voice of the unvoiced.

I humbly call the attention of Ms. Arlene Villaluz, members of the Admin., to revisit this statement.

Years from now when we look back to this, and when we discuss it on the table, it remains uncalled for.

May the wisdom of our beloved pro-poor and revered patron saint, St. Vincent de Paul lives forever not only in the portals of the academe but to the very core of our existence.

Thank you.

Hindi pa rin tine-take down ang nasabing post hanggang ngayon.

Source: Adamson University Student Government

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