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Ang popular na social media personality at DDS Blogger na si Mark Lopez na tinatawag ang Senate Hearing noong nakaraang araw sa Fake News bilang "FAKE HEARING" at ipinaliwanag niya ang mga dahilan kung bakit. Bilang isa sa mga inimbitahan ng Senado, si Mark Lopez ay dapat maghanda ng nakasulat na pahayag ngunit nagpasyang huwag gawin ito.

Ayon kay Mark Lopez, umayon lamang siya sa daloy ngunit nasurprisa sa mga pangyayari, dahil ito ay naging isang siklab ng galit, ang pagdinig ay dapat tungkol sa "fake news," ngunit walang sinuman ang talagang tumukoy kung anong ibig sabihin nito. Para kay Lopez ang salitang fake news ay walang saysay dahil walang tunay na fake news, “only slanted or biased one”.

Ipinaliwanag ng DDS Blogger na kahit na dati pa ang social media ay may ilang mga fake news o tayo ay nabahala sa mga naka-tag na balita sa araw-araw. Sa panahon ng pagdinig walang sinuman ang sinubukang itaas ang isyu ng slanted na balita.

Ang pagdinig sa Senado ay naging isang sirko at isang yugto para sa showboating, talagang nagalit si Lopez na mayroong isang mababaw na pag-unawa sa isyu, lalo na ng mga senador. Hindi ito tungkol sa Fake News. Ito ay talagang isang witch hunt at isang pagtatangka upang linisin ang ilang DDS Bloggers lalo na ang mga pangunahing kabilang si PCOO Asec Mocha Uson.

Narito ang kumpletong pahayag ni Mark Lopez: 


Prior to yesterday’s Senate hearing on fake news, I wanted to prepare a written statement that I will read in the proceedings when called upon. However, I decided against it as I thought that I would have better material AFTER the hearing, and so I simply went with the flow.

Oh boy! What a flow it turned out. It was a frenzy.

The hearing is supposed to be about “fake news.” But no one can really define what it absolutely means. Personally, I believe the word is nonsensical. There’s really no fake news, only slanted or biased one.

News is basically information dissemination. The who, what, where, when and how are its essentials. Now the most important aspect is its truth or veracity. But who holds the power of truth? The writer, or the reader? The presenter, or the audience?

Therefore, the key to understanding here is knowing that we as humans have our preconceived notions and biases. How we were born, raised, educated and trained will reflect on how we perceive and believe.

Fake news you say? Even before the advent of social media, we have been inundated with slanted news, and we are bombarded by it on a daily basis - the advertisements we all watch where you salivate over a juicy, bulging hamburger that was just flashed on your TV screen only to be disappointed to get the actual one which is bland and flat. Perhaps even the Bible can be as confusing, what with four gospels in the new testament, each with a different version of the story of Christ. Even the actual rumors and gossips we either exchange, heard or passed on ourselves are part of this culture. My point is that we all see, read and hear all of these based on human eyes, yours and mine.

So where are all these points in the hearing yesterday? No one really raised them.

And as it turned out, it became a circus and a stage for showboating. I am actually aghast that there is such a shallow understanding of the issue, especially by senators. It was never about fake news. It was actually a witch hunt and an attempt to purge.

The hearing yesterday turned out to be a focus group discussion on why social media is scary and should be controlled.

It is an attempt by snowflakes to minimize bashing and lessen the hate. It is an attempt to muzzle the most lethal weapon of mass communication, and most especially the more effective snipers and triggermen such as Asec Mocha Uson and the DDS bloggers.

What is clear is that everyone is really intimidated by Asec Mocha and her power of influence. And since they cannot harness the same kind of influence, the next best thing to do is attempt to shackle or silence her.

Which is really some kind of stupid if you ask me. Because all the hearing accomplished was to actually solidify Mocha’s standing in social media, and her political clout. Say hello to Senator Uson in 2019!

As for the remainder of hearing, it was mostly an opportunity for snowflakes like Maria Ressa, Tonyo Cruz and Jover Laurio to swipe their victim credit card. But who really believes or sympathizes them?

In hindsight, I wish to re-assert that our evolution in social media is the real revolution. Our engagement in Facebook is the new EDSA. What the snowflakes refuse to understand, or probably in deliberate denial, is that we, the ordinary citizens, are more involved and that our hate and rage stems from our long-standing suffering from apathy, abuse and impunity.

As for our leaders and officials in government, if you really want to lessen the hate, it’s really simple - be authentic and do good for the people.

Seriously, we don’t even need to conduct a hearing for that.

Source: Mark Lopez FB page

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