PCOO Usec Lorraine Badoy defends Bong Go: Rappler's accusations are all lie
PCOO Usec Lorraine Badoy and SAP Bong Go
President Rodrigo Duterte’s aide, Bong Go supposedly “intervened” in the selection of combat management system (CMS) for the warships according to news reports.

Go denied the accusations and told that he would be willing to face the accusers in a senate hearing.

"Accusations are false. Wala akong tinatago[.] Wala [a]kong tinataguan at wala po akong alam tungkol sa issue na yan. From the Halls of the Senate & Congress, to the Courts of Justice and even basketball courts, I will cooperate and face the false and malicious accusations against me," Go said.

President Duterte defended Go and vowed to fire him if the allegations are proven true.

Meanwhile, PCOO USec Lorraine Badoy came into Go's defense. Badoy said the claims against Bong are all lie.

Here's the full post of Lorraine Badoy:

There is a price to be paid for the honor of serving possibly the greatest President our country has ever had.

Because to be the greatest president this country has ever had, you must have the balls, the will of steel, the great love for country to do what those before you didn’t do.

And in doing so, you will make enemies.

And these enemies will be powerful and well-entrenched: oligarchs, elitists, the Catholic hierarchy, foreign imperialists, international drug cartels, the CIA. A laundry list of the world’s most powerful.

Those who operated undisturbed before you came along.

Not just operated undisturbed but in fact, were wonderfully supported by powers-that-be (A Justice Secretary, no less, supporting drug lords. How wonderful.)—these enemies that have stolen your country’s future and that have made of us and our children, sacrificial lambs.

Those who lived like kings at the expense of the millions who lived under bridges, eating chicken they picked off the garbage of McDonalds, washed it then recooked it to feed themselves and their children.

Because, quite simply, that was what our country had become: fodder for the insatiably greedy. (Wanna know what fodder means? “People considered as readily available and OF LITTLE VALUE.” Eh “insatiable”? “Impossible to satisfy”)

O diba anjan na tayo non nung panahon ni PNoy?

That was what we had become: cheap food for greedy bastards with bottomless pits for stomachs. Easy targets because the occupants of Malacanang were indifferent and were themselves complicit to the Filipino people’s abuse.

In order to possibly be the greatest president this country has ever had, you will want so bad for the abuse of your countrymen to stop so that you will take on these enemies at whatever the price and whatever the cost.

But in order for you to do that, you will need a Robin to your Batman. The Superboy to your Superman.

A Bong Go to our Duterte.

And your enemies will stop at NOTHING to destroy you and they will do it by trying to destroy those that hold you up and defend and protect you.

Sec Bong Go is what comes between the President and the rest of the world. Quite literally too. Where the President is, there he is too. The President’s Ninja, working in the shadows.

So yeah, it is but natural that those who’d like to take a swipe at the President will take a swipe at him.

Those of us who have had the honor of being called to serve under this President know this: we are as fair game as this President is and it will be for no other reason than because we have thrown our hats in the ring with him. And that we are the ones he has tasked to make his vision of a sparkling country a reality.

And of course those bastards don’t want a strong Philippines. They are the only ones who stand to gain when we remain poor, ignorant, disempowered.

This is where their fabulous wealth rests on: the backs of the toiling mass in grief and despair.

They want us back under that bridge, eating pagpag, having children we cannot send to school, dying in dirty hospitals because we don’t have money for antibiotics.

They don’t want build, build, build. Makes them nauseous with rage that we’re getting there. And they don’t want the tax reform that will pay for those bridges, the education of our children, the 11,000 or so hospitals that will be built by those taxes.

So they spread lies and try to undermine the progress of this country.

So of course, they’d take on Bong Go.

Bong Go and the President are a Divine match intended by the gods and goddesses since the beginning of time to someday unleash in a country so in dire need of heroes.

So when I first read about those accusations against him, I laughed.

The President’s enemies ARE getting desperate I told myself.

Because they paint a picture of Sec Bong Go that is the exact and total opposite of who he is.

This picture being painted by the desperate blogger, Pia Ranada, of a greedy, corrupt and scheming Bong Go is as much a lie as saying that Rappler is a legit news agency of principled, professional journalists. Or that Leni, Mar, Noynoy, Donkey are competent, compassionate, industrious public servants.

You really have no choice but to snort and laugh as you walk away dismissing that unmitigated bullshit.

Because nothing could be further than the truth.

I work with Sec Bong Go and I know him some. Also, I have a built-in bullshit-o-meter and phoney-meter that goes crazy haywire when I see Leni or Mar but with Sec Bong, those meters are blissful, sleeping babies.

I have not met a more humble, more self-effacing and simple man than Sec Bong (even though he is a millionaire many times over)—except the President.

So Rappler ought to give it a rest and just have tea with their financier, Pierre Odimyar and talk about how to further Odimyar’s dream of a world where selling drugs on the company he owns, e-Bay, will be legal.

The kind of world where our Superman and Superboy, Rodrigo Duterte and Bong Go do not exist.

Source: Lorraine Badoy

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PCOO Usec Lorraine Badoy humbly defends Bong Go: Rappler's accusations are all lie PCOO Usec Lorraine Badoy humbly defends Bong Go: Rappler's accusations are all lie Reviewed by Kristian S. on 20 January Rating: 5

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