Nedka Babliku and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo compiled from Google
A foreign political analyst, Nedka Babliku, praised President Rodrigo Duterte in an interview, and said that the man will introduce new changes that will reshape the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Asked about his take on the President, Babliko said that Duterte is now a shining light within the ASEAN world, the Southeast Asian community of nations where the Philippines was once deemed as a slavish store pigeon of the American nation.

He said that the President eradicated colonial mentality in the country.

"And Duterte, one of the remarkable thing of all that he said, was "Do not treat me as your colony, the colonial mentality is no more. And when he tells people "Fuck you get out of my country, and when he goes to Beijing when he shakes hands with the president and shows respect to those worthy of it, and showers contempt unto the political prostitutes who deserve nothing but contempt, this is a man who is not only an embodiment of a new revolutionary wqay of thinking, but he is now a global model."

Babliko said that Duterte is someone who sees where power is rising and has risen.

"In China, and in Russia, and (Duterte) is engaging an historically good relation with them. He's not closing any doors, not to Indonesia, not to Malaysia, not to Vietnam, not to anyone."

Babliko added that while he does not want the colonial mentality to continue, if anything, Duterte is increasing trade.

"And in this step, instead of just the US dumping its good on the Philippiones, Philippines should have access to the American markets."

He added that even if Duterte only serves one term, which the Constitution of the Philippines provides, he "will be putting into place changes that will reshape the Philippines, reshape Southeast Asia's relations with China, Russia, and the United States."

He said that Duterte is creating a model for nonalignment that hiundreds of leaders around the world ought to be looking at and taking very seriously.

"He puts his country first, but not to the detriment of anyone else's. It's called win-win," Babliko said.
Source: Leon Kilat Facebook Page

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Foreign political analyst praises Duterte, who'll "reshape PH, Southeast asia" Foreign political analyst praises Duterte, who'll "reshape PH, Southeast asia" Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 04 January Rating: 5

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