Jose Alejandrino and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo compiled from Google
"If nonsense doesn't stop, all he (Duterte) has to do is assume them. So people better listen to what he is saying. When his patience runs out, the corrupt better scramble".

Political analyst Jose Alejandrino in his Facebook page said that the recent firing of certain corrupt government officials by President Rodrigo Duterte is just the "tip of the iceberg".

Alejandrino said in his Facebook page that he expects more anomalies to surface which will show the deep rot in the government.

He added an insult to the previous admionistration, saying that the Aquino government "waded in the rot" and that its officials "look on taxpayers money as their piggy bank".

"President Duterte has continously warned against corruption. He has not hesitated to take swift action against those who do not heed his warnings," he said.

He also commended Duterte's announcement on the travel ban abroad for officials of the executive branch without first securing his personal authorization, and said that it is a move in the right direction, given that there are "simply too many scams".

He said that Duterte is unafraid to fire erring officials, whether friend or foe.

Alejandrino added that people should make no mistake about the fact that the President means what he says.

He was pushing for a revolutionary government which he said has already "decided" on Nov 30 of this year where a group of men claimed that they in behalf of the citizenry grant revolutionary powers to Duterte..

"My question to those who continue to oppose rev powers is this: do you want the rot to continue? If you do, it means you have rotten motives yourself," he said.


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Political analyst: Duterte's firing of corrupt officials "just the tip of the iceberg" Political analyst: Duterte's firing of corrupt officials "just the tip of the iceberg" Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 28 December Rating: 5

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