Liberal Party "disrespecting" the Presidential seal, photo from Getty Images
Following the recent fiasco on the presidential granddaughter Isabelle Duterte's pre-debut shoot in Malacanang Palace, an anonymous pro-administration blogger shared a photo of what he claims were members of the Liberal Party "disrespecting" the Presidential seal first.

The photo was of five men, sitting and posing inside the Malacanang Palace with the Presidential seal at their backs, it appeared to be taken after the EDSA Revolution.

"Herein is exhibit the inconsistency inherent in a focus not just on people but on partisanism rather than bigger over-arching issues of national consequence. Sooner or later, one factoid or another emerged that easily discredits the superficial position petty "activism" encourages its players to take just to one-up the other," the blogger, by the username "benign0" said.

"In the case of this incriminating photo, the argument is quite straightforward. Yellowtards disrespected the Philippines' presidential seal first," he added.

The issue was a response to the photos of Isabelle, 17, and the daughter of Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, where is show is shown to be clad in luxury designer gowns and posing in different areas inside the Palace, featuring the Presidential seal.

While many have come to her defense, a number of people have also criticized what they said was a disgraceful move.

Some critics even said that the act was against the law on the use of the Presidential seal for anything other than to represent the Chief executive himself.

Isabelle has herself, tackled the issues and answered critics on her social media, but then switched her account to private.

Playing the victim card, "I hope you do something useful with the freedom you are given, other than making hateful comments and carry so much unnecessary weight on your shoulders. I hope you will find the maturity to focus on more alerting issues and not on a 17 year old girl to be useful," she said.

As debates continue, no legal sanction has been reported to be brewing for the minor.


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Photo of early Yellow fanatics proves they were the first to DISRESPECT Presidential seal Photo of early Yellow fanatics proves they were the first to DISRESPECT Presidential seal Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 18 December Rating: 5

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