Philippine National Police and Dengvaxia vaccine, photo compiled from Google
It was not just school children, but also men of the Philippine National Police who were injected with Dengvaxia, and now they are anxious over the effects it may have on their bodies.

This was after a warning has been released by the drug's manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, that the drug poses serious health risks to those who never had Dengue before they were injected with the drug.

Reports say that at least a thousand policemen have been given Dengvaxia shots.

On Sunday, policemen of the Quezon City who received the shots last September, attended a dialogue with the Philippine Children Medical Center officials.

The dialogue was also meant let them know the government’s interventions since vaccine maker Sanofi Pasteur disclosed the risk of “serious disease” for so-called “zero-negative” or people who did not have prior dengue infections before immunization. That warning prompted the Department of Health to suspend the program.

The government is preparing the list of patients injected who were zero-negative when the shots were administered to them.

Records show that 839 QCPD personnel together with 498 dependents and other civilians were injected with the vaccine on a voluntary basis last September. The QCPD has a complement of 4,742 uniformed personnel and 292 civilians.

The dialogue was on the monitoring and surveillance of the vaccine recipients now at risk.

The event was presided over by Dr. Julius A Lecciones, Executive Director of the PCMC, which provided vaccines for free. This was injected in recipients by PCMC medical personnel, in coordination with the QCPD Health Service.

Lecciones said that recipients at risk will be monitored in the next five years and that offered the assistance of PCMC for free upon manifestation of Dengue symptoms.

The QCPD chief, PCSupt Guillermo Eleazar said the health and welfare of personnel, and also their dependents’, is of prime importance and concern to the command group because it impinges on overall police performance.

He advised the recipients to not panic.

"Mainam ding maaga nating maprevent ang mga ano mang sakit, kaya, pangalagaan natin ang kalinisan, hindi lamang sa katawan kundi sa ating kapaligiran, mapa sa ating tahanan man o sa ating mga opisina at istasyon”, he said.


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