Injured passenger and other passengers of MRT, photo compiled from Facebook
On Monday, when a Metro Rail Transit train stopped due to an emergency between Ortigas and Santolan stations, one of the passengers who had to walk the rails was injured, and claimed that the MRT personnel were not prepared to treat him.

Czar Patrick Ebesate in a viral post, said that the MRT train he was in was forced to an emergency stop after smoke started to fill the interior, and causing panic to the people inside.

The reason for the smoke remained undisclosed.

He said that they were probably by the hundreds when walking the tracks.

"Para kaming nag-EDSA revolution sa dami pala ng tao na laman ng isang byahe. Looked like hundreds. Alay lakad kami sa mabato at napakahabang riles papuntang Santolan station while people from buildings and bus passengers along EDSA took videos and pictures of us as if it were like a phenomenon."

Ebesante then said that he tripped on a bar which injured him.

"When I got in the station, I immediately looked for first aid and was told that they don't have such paraphernalia. So mano-mano nalang kami nung lady guard pahid ng sanitizer gel then I asked for some tissue kasi parang di rin nya talaga alam gagawin. I was surprised when they started asking me what happened in the train at ano nang nangyari sa train afterwards, as if hindi pa rin sila coordinated and informed after 20mins since the incident," he said.
Czar Patrick Ebesate, photo from Facebook

He added that he walked by himself to the other station, only to find that there were no medical kits, but a gurad gave him Betadine.

"I asked her, "Ate, pano po pag may mga ganitong klase na mangyari, wala po talaga tayong first aid?". She didn't answer, turned her back on me, and moved away," he said.

This is not the first time that the MRT was involved in a technical defect.

Just weeks ago, a cart was separated accidentally and the passengers had to walk the rails as well.

"My sentiments as a public commuter: 
1. How prepared are the MRT stations when it comes to situations worse than having a bruised passenger? 
2. Bakit walang first aid kit sa MRT station? 
3. Hanggang kailan matatapos ang sunod sunod na mga aberya sa MRT? 
4. Bakit hindi coordinated ang mga personnel nila at walang special assistance sa mga passengers? 
5. Bakit hindi uso sa kanila ang "sorry for the inconvenience"? 
6. Hanggang kailan tayo mag-aadjust sa tagpi-tagping serbisyo nila? "

Meanwhile public officers have expressed their intent to fix the transit instrument.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque boarded the MRT on November 23 , and had it publicized that the experience for him , was "not that bad".
Source: Czar Patrick Ebesate

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