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While having one's photos taken inside the Chief Executive's home, there is nothing wrong with the pre-debut photoshoot of the Presidential granddaughter, but she however, should not have gone over the top, says a known President Rodrigo Duterte blogger.

Krizette Laureta Chu, in her Facebook page, said that Isabelle Duterte's photoshoot inside the Malacanang Palace was something many citizens have done, and would do, if given the chance.

Isabelle is the 17-year old daughter of Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

Her photos became a source of debates, with many enraged by how she posed in luxury gowns showing the presidential seal.

Under EO 310, "Except as otherwise provided by law or Presidential issuance, the Coat-of-Arms, Seal, and Flag of the President of the Philippines or of the Vice President of the Philippines shall be exclusively used to represent the President of the Philippines or the Vice President of the Philippines, respectively.”

Chu however, said that many people have their photos taken in the Palace with the seal anyway.

"Ako nga hindi ka aano ano ni Duterte ultimo sa banyo ng Malacanang nag pictorial ako. Kahit sa may guardhouse ano. Sa may Presidential Seal, Presidential Chair, Presidential Dining Table. Wala namang big deal mag pa picture sa Malacanang. AMININ NINYO KUNG LOLO NYO PRESIDENTE, MAY PA PICTORIAL DIN KAYO. WAG PLASTIC, NAKAMAMATAY," she said.

She added that the Duterte family is known for their simplicity, and also acknowledged the talent of the men behind the presidential graddaughter's photos.

"Tsaka magkano ang natipid ulit sa kuryente dahil mag isa lang si Duts at walang arte sa buhay? Isipin nyo na lang, yung ginamit na kuryente sa pictorial ni Isabelle, one week of kuryente or less worth ng kaka PS3 ni Pinoy. Hello! Ang laki kaya ng konsumo ng kuryente ng mga computer computer. And I-celebrate nyo naman ang talent ng designer, stylist, photographer sa shoot na yon."

However, she said that the minor did not have any "decency".

"Bongga di ba. Pero it doesnt mean hindi ako imbyerna kay Isabelle just because si Ate Girl medyo walang sensitivity," she said.

"Alam na ngang simple ang Lolo at may issue ang Daddy, naka GUCCI sneakers pa at naka CELINE bag at bonggang bongga ang debut. Doesn't matter if her mom spoils her. Sensitivity ang tawag don. Parang ako. Pag naglalakad ako among normal people, di ko nilalabas yung Hermes Birkin croc ko. Kasi wala ako non. Isabelle, just because you can afford it doesn't mean you should flaunt it. Also, your Lolo already feels guilty that you didn't grow up with your Dad, so yung mga request mo sa kanya, hirap syang hindi-an. UULITIN KO LAST MO NA YAN," she added.

Chu even gave a narrative of how descendants usually  "waste" the fruits of hardwork of their ascendants.

"Yung Lolo super kuripot he bought one big Good Morning Towel then he cut them to pieces tapos yun yung panyo ng mga apo niya sa school. Nung na deadz sya, yung mga apo naka luxury cars agad. Ganon talaga. Sabi nga ng mga Chinese: The first generation works for it, the second generation enjoys it, and the third generation wastes it."

The blogger added that she and others like her who blog about the President, said that Isabelle need "behave".

"Behave, Isabelle. Busy ang mga pro Duterte bloggers sa kanya kanyang hanash kaya wag kang pasaway at walang may time mag defend sa yo. Agaw eksena ka ha," she said.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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