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Actress and host Kris Aquino through her instagram page made it known that she was pondering about finding her own "Mr. Right" after getting giddy about a millenial friend's love story.

The actress, a single mom of two boys Joshua and Bimby, said that she has realized that a stable relationship demands that there be team effort.

Her instagram post included a message card which read, "Be with someone who makes love feel easy."

She captioned the post with, “You know the love stories I truly appreciate- they are the ones where the protagonists don’t give up… was checking up on a friend & catching up on her Christmas adventure-just loving how her pictures show her absolutely glowing… and as young as she is, she made me realize a life TRUTH- a relationship is a true TEAM EFFORT."

"And when you love each other, you hang on during life’s inevitable trials because you know life just won’t give you as many smiles without each other… haaayyy these millennials- they have so much to teach a 46 year old, jaded Gen X-er like me," she added.

Aquino also said that she is open to an idea of a man for her.

"Who knows-baka may Mr. Right pa rin for me? #longlivelove,” her post  further read.

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May asim pa! Kris Aquino says she's open to the idea of Mr. Right May asim pa! Kris Aquino says she's open to the idea of Mr. Right Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 28 December Rating: 5

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