Mainstream Medias and social media personalities, photo from Thinking Pinoy
The mainstream media has brewed a hatred for social media personalities because of the simple reason that the latter are better performers in the field.

Maricar Serrano, a netizen, posted her opinion in her Facebook page, supporting pro-Rodrigo Duterte social media personalities.

She said that the mainstream media are threatened because several reasons which she elaborated.
Maricar Serrano, photo from Facebook

First, according the netizen, mainstream media  "do not possess the researching energy and dedication of Thinking Pinoy, kahit may Google naman. TP also slams their viewpoints in every essence. Roll them all up like a burrito and TP will just chew them alive. Panis!"

Secondly, they don't have the scholarly knowledge and proper balanced education that Sass Sasot has, she said.

"See how they focus on her gender, instead of busting her thoughts on things? Hindi kasi nila kaya," she said.

She added that the mainstream media " don't have the delicious and lawyerly sarcasm of Darwin Cañete's remarks. Pale in protein, kahit pa lumapa sila ng kahon-kahon na Delimondo corned beef. Weak!"

She added that the media "suck at humor" even though they are owned by clowns.

"They can't beat the oozing sex appeal of Mocha! Puro sila mukhang kulaba sa inaamag na bato pag itinabi sa kaliwang dede ng Lola Mocha! Sa hair pa lang nya, bigti na sila!" she furthered.

Serrano said that another person whose sex appeal is hard to beat is Lorraine Badoy.

"They eat bobo dust kapag si Atty Trixie Cruz-Angeles na ang naghihimay ng batas (pro bono). Kasi yung mga lawyers nila sa yellow kubol, tunog retarded for all seasons! Mas lalo pa pag si Rockstar lawyer Ahmedy Paglinawan ang nagsalita! Tumatakbo sa dictionary at thesaurus ang mga dimwits na yan just to get the gist of his posts!" she said.

When it comes to debate, the media also can't beat Paula Defensor Knack.

"They play dead on her na lang cos parang reincarnation ni Miriam si Mam Peachy! Kahit tinga ni Mam Paula, hindi compatible itransplant kapalit ng utak nila!" she said.

Serrano further stated that the mainstream media personalities cannot get as much engagement as the socmed personalities.

"Kaya nga nabubuang na si Maria Ressa. Pati si Zuckerberg, inaaway. Ngiiii," said.

"Lastly and most importantly, they no longer have the public wrapped around their filthy propagandist fingers. Their end is glaring at their sad, lying, in denial, biased asses. Mainstream media is dead, worldwide. Ask CNN. Partida, kulang pa yang socmed stars na binanggit ko," she said.
Source: Maricar Serrano

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