Marlene Aguilar and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo compiled from Google
President Rodrigo Duterte is dead, and the person the nation sees representing the country is a "reptoid alien imposter", this was the content of a post of a netizen which became viral instantly on Facebook.

"I BELIEVE DUTERTE IS DEAD. I BELIEVE THE CURRENT DUTERTE IS AN IMPOSTOR! So I challenge the president to step forward and clear my allegations immediately!"

The post was that of Marlene Aguilar, who claimed that she was "challenging" the president as she said that according to her connections in the CIA, the real president has passed away.

"According to my contact with the CIA, the real president Duterte was in an island bedridden. He said the president's cancer has so become so advanced he was defecating and pissing in his own bed. This was a month ago. If this is true, I believe President Duterte is dead," she said.

The post which was meant to gather attention, has accomplished its intention, with over 44 thousand likes and 48 thousand shares.

"Many people who saw Duterte during the SONA and who also saw him during the Asian SUMMIT say that there is a big difference between the 2 men. Duterte during his last SONA had a hard time speaking and walked slow. And he appeared to be weak. But the Duterte in the Asian SUMMIT looks younger and he did not any of these health problems I mentioned earlier," she said.

Aguilar said that the President we see now is a reptoid alien in disguise, which "can copy any human shape and form they want".

"When my asset Trax told Chief PNP Bato that the current Duterte is a reptoid alien imposter, he responded, "Kaya pala may mga kakaiba sa kanya," she said.

"According to DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade, the last time he had a meeting with Duterte, the 'president' couldn't remember major issues they discussed in the past. Mayor of Salmal, David Uy apparently said the same thing regarding their recent meeting," she added.
Source: Marlene Aguilar

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