Thinking Pinoy, Senator Franklin Drilon, Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, Sen. Risa Hontiveros and Sen. Bam Aquino, photo compiled from Google
The blogsite Thinking Pinoy by blogger RJ Nieto called out the incumbent senators from the Liberal Party for their silence on the issue of the dangerous Dengue vaccine distributed to thousands of Filipino children under the orders of former President Benigno III.

The drug was called Dengvaxia manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis and was administered to 700,00 Filipino children.

Thinking Pinoy deemed the act as "genocide", or the killing of multitudes.

The post particularly targetted LP senators Franklin Drilon, Bam Aquino, Francis Pangilinan, and Risa Hontiveros.

"Ikaw, Senator Risa Hontiveros, public health issue ito, ba't wala ka pang sinabi tungkol sa Dengvaxia samantalang Philippine Health Insurance Corporation official pa naman dati?"

The fact that Bam Aquino, once the chief of the National Youth Commission was also brought up.

"Ikaw, Bam Aquino, National Youth Commission chief ka pa naman dati at halos puro kabataan kaya ang naleche ng Sanofi-Aventis, tapos tahimik ka rin?"

Pangilinan's silence was questioned, on the ground that the senator was supposed to be an advocate of children's rights, after having passed the Juvenile Justice Act.

"Pero ba't ang tahi-tahimik mo sa tungkol sa 700,000 na juvenile na nasa peligro ngayon?" the post.

His holding of the position of the Justice Secretary was the point in question for Senator Drilon.

"Ikaw, Franklin Drilon, di ba't Justice Secretary ka dati, e bakit parang di ka interesadong ihanap ng hustisya ang mga batang namemeligro ngayon?"

The blog post brought up the senators' silence, while at the same time, pointing out that the controversy has surfaced and captured talk for the past four days.

Thinking Pinoy associated such silence to the fact that the senators belonged to the same political party as Pres. Aquino.

"Mag-aapat na araw na nang pumutok ang balita pero tahimik na tahimik kayong lahat. Wala bang masabi? Naghihintay pa ba ng kumpas mula sa itaas?" it said.

"Ay, wait! Kapartido niyo nga palang si Noynoy Aquino ang pumirma ng kontrata, at kapartido niyo ring si Janette Loreto Garin ang may pakana, Oo nga pala. Oo nga pala!" the post further stated.

Under the orders of  Pres. Aquino, the Department of Health led by then Health Secretary Janette Garin administered Dengvaxia for the Dengue Vaccine School-Based Immunization to school children in 2016.

Seven hundred thousand children were injected with the drug which apparently made them more prone to the dangers of the disease the drug was supposed to eliminate.
Source: The Thingking Pinoy

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Hitting 4 birds with 1 stone: TP calls out LP senators for being ‘tameme’ on Dengvaxia scandal Hitting 4 birds with 1 stone: TP calls out LP senators for being ‘tameme’ on Dengvaxia scandal Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 04 December Rating: 5

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