Romeo Poquiz and NPA members, photo compiled from Facebook and Google
Romeo Poquiz, a former soldier in the country's military, said that the News People's Army which he once saw as a "worthy adversary" is now just turning out to be terrorists.

While there have been clashes between the said communist arm and the government forces, the most recent was the clas in Nasugbu, Batangas, which ended the lives of 15 communist rebels.

"As a former soldier - combat helicopter pilot and ground combat commander who fought bloody battles against the communists, I always considered the NPAs as worthy adversaries. To me, they were rebels fighting for valid causes against the government. To me, they were rebels, not terrorists. Even when the AFP tagged them as communist terrorists, even when they treacherously killed hundreds of soldiers, even when they murdered civilians and hundreds of their comrades (OPlans Missing Link and Ahos), even when they bombed or killed businesses just to get revolutionary taxes, and even when they bombed a political rally in Plaza Miranda resulting to many casualties, including senators."

Poquiz said that he believed that despite their actions, which were brutal and hateful, the group's aims were for political gains.

He also mentioned how President Rodrigo Duterte himself tried to coordinate with the reds.

"Like President Duterte (he supported and even praised the NPAs), I now declare these communists as Terrorists. Why? Their valid grievances against the government were lost with Duterte as the leader of the country. US imperialism (president as tuta ng Kano?), fascism, feudalism, oligarchy, oppression, injustice, corruption, cronyism, military abuses – all of these were lost. Equality for all? Come on! Ask the Russian and Chinese communists."

He mentioned that when Duterte assumed office, one of the first things he did was offer the communists choice Cabinet positions, including Secretaries. He declared a ceasefire and initiated peace talks between them and the government.

He also released top NPA leaders, as a gesture of goodwill and sincerity and gave safe conduct passes to communist leaders.

"Duterte did all these, even against the advice of his military and security advisers, just to give peace a chance in order to end the 50 year old insurgency.Despite all these gestures of goodwill and sincerity, despite the ongoing peace talks, and despite the ceasefire, what did the NPA do? They continued with their atrocities and barbaric acts. They treacherously killed 3 soldiers in Bukidnon and riddled their bodies with 72 bullets."

He mentioned how the NPA attacked government troops and brutally killed soldiers, including a young officer, a PMA graduate, who were doing peace and development activities in the countryside.

"They also continued with their extortion of businessmen. They had unreasonable demands, which only showed their insincerity in the peace talks. They want the release of 400 communist rebels held in prison for their crimes against the people, even when there is no peace agreement yet."

He said that the NPA thought that the President would be fast to give in to their demands.

"The gall, the arrogance and hubris of these communists. These did them in. They thought that Duterte was just another of the same mold as the previous presidents the country had. They thought that Duterte will give in to all their demands, however unreasonable and preposterous, because Duterte was “kasama’ who once supported and praised them. They are terribly wrong. Duterte hated oppression and senseless deaths of his soldiers. As a result, he terminated the ceasefire and cancelled the peace talks."

The former soldier said that the NPA's will die painful deaths.

He stated the reasons why:

"- There are no more valid grievances against the government.
- Under Duterte, the countryside, especially the guerilla zones, will be developed. The government will pour in massive funds to educate the people, improve their economic conditions and remove the reasons for the insurgency. 
- The NPAs will lose mass support in the countryside, especially with a very popular Duterte.
- Communists now in government can be “asked” to convince their former comrades to cooperate with the government.
- The military is now more professionalized, better equipped, and highly focused. Intelligence funds and units will be better used in locating, tracking and neutralizing the enemies - the armed communist terrorists, not the administration’s political enemies, as was the practice in previous administrations."

At the end of it all, Poquiz said that the NPA should just concede to the government,

He also said that the armed forces commanders should just eliminate the group.

Source: Romeo V Poquiz

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