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Apparently, cancer tumors may be present in animal meat, and  a butcher admitted that the men in his trade, once they see the tumors, simply remove them and put the meat out in the market anyway.

According to an article by website, EWA, many were shocked by the statement, alarmed that the produce in supermarkets may actually by bad for the body.

It added that the safest way to secure the safety of the food one eats, is if he grows it and eats it at home. However, it reported that many people who have switched to a whole plant-based diet, have had better health.

It also introduced the idea of "animal alternatives" in the form of edible plants,  claiming that aside from meat, protein is also abundant on plants.

The article suggested that buying produce straight from a butcher does not secure the quality of the product.

The butcher who served as the source revealed that it would be illogical to dispose of the entire animal just because it had cancer on some of its body  parts.

The article also tackled the absence of laws which require butchers to tell consumers about cancer appearing in the food they consume.

"People who abstain from eating animals typically say that it just makes sense and they feel much better when they choose a whole food plant-based diet."

The site cited a study which revealed that some hotdogs packaged as pork were found to contain horse meat, and that both meat and veggie hotdogs were found to have human DNA present.

It further alleged that there is danger in purchasing processed food and added that the industry can simply throw whatever they want in their products, and simply cover the bad taste with herbs, flavoring, and salt.

Source:  ewao.com

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