Kyrie Eleison Manuales Icaonapo and Isabelle Duterte photo shoot in Malacañang, photo compiled from Facebook
A netizen on Facebook defended President Rodrigo Duterte's granddaughter, Isabelle, for her pre-debut shoot in Malacanang Palace, claiming that people are making an unnecessarily big deal about it.

"Ang daming feeling makabayan! Feeling law expert," said Kyrie Eleison Manuales Icaonapo.

Isabelle has been lambasted for her extravagant shoot, and for posing in front of the President's seal in different luxury gowns and sharing the photos on her Instagram account.

Many have reacted against it, and cited Executive Order no. 310 which forbids the use of the seal if the purpose is other than for that of the President or Vice President themselves.

Not tackling this, the netizen simply stated that there is nothing wrong with the act as the "personal lives of people are not affected".

Clearly reiterating her individualistic point that no act is wrong or deserving of attention as long as it doesn't affect one's daily routines, She dared to say that some Filipinos "try too hard to be nationalistic."

"As long as buo pa din nating natatanggap sahod natin.As long as hindi tumaas ang presyo ng gas, bigas, pagkain o bumaba ang peso, bat tayo apektado? Mga tao mkapag react tipong akala mo may malaking nawala sa kanila," she said.

She further added that one should focus on feeding himself first, before tackling issues concerning the Palace of the country's chief executive.

"Unahin muna matin paano magkalaman sikmura natin bago pakialaman yang photoshoot nya," she said.

Meanwhile, the President himself has defended the act of his granddaughter.

Speaking at the 39th birthday bash of boxing icon and senator Manny Pacquiao at KCC Mall convention center here, Rodrigo Duterte said the photo shoot of Isabelle Lovelie  was just a small matter.

“It’s a small matter. Gamitin lang ang Malacañang. Wala naman ako doon and even if I was there, eh, kung granddaughter ko magpa-picture, lahat nga ng mga bisita dyan nagpapa-picture eh,” he said.

“You know that girl, ang nanay nya Maranao. May mga (kaanak) ako na Muslim. Kaya kayong mga Moro don’t be offended by my words. I am just trying to tell you that there’s a problem which we have to solve together,” he added.
Source: Kyrie Eleison Manuales Icaonapo

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Call center agent defends Isabelle Duterte's photoshoot: "Ang daming feeling makabayan!" Call center agent defends Isabelle Duterte's photoshoot: "Ang daming feeling makabayan!" Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 18 December Rating: 5

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