Lt Col Harold M. Cabunoc and former NPA rebels, photo screenshot from Facebook video
For most Filipinos, the soldiers who fought in the recent battle of Marawi City, are but mere numbers, a look at their profiles brings a closer perspective.

The soldier here is Lt Col Harold M. Cabunoc who throughout his career as a soldier, received several notable awards.

Among these are the Distinguished Conduct Star – the second highest combat medal for bravery, 15 Military Merit Medals for his combat actions, seven Gold Cross Medals (3rd highest combat citation) for heroic combat actions, over 30 Military Merit Medals for administrative accomplishments, the Wounded Personnel Medal for performing at is best despite sustaining major injuries in Maguindanao.

Cabunoc was born on January 2, 1973 and grew up in Dangcagan, Bukidnon.
Lt Col Harold M. Cabunoc, photo from 

His father was a three term mayor and his mother was a retired public.

Cabunoc took up Accountancy at the age of 16 in the Mindanao State University in Marawi.

Then in 1991, he entered into the Philippine Military Academy as a cadet and graduated in 1994, at the same receiving an award for athletic prowess  for being a part of the varsity (Corps Squad) for Judo and powerlifting.

In 1993, during a Powerlifting’s deadlift event, he was the only cadet of his time to set a Philippine record in the 60 kg class, proving his status as a Class A lifter.

Cabunoc was assigned as the  leader of the Special Operations Platoon, First Scout Ranger Regiment in 1995, the platoon Leader of the 7th Scout Ranger Company that was deployed in Maguindanao, Bulacan, and Cotabato back in 1996, after which he was transferred to Basilan in 1998.

There, he was designated as an Executive Officer of the 12th Scout Ranger Company. With his aid as a contributing factor,  the 7th and 12th SRC’s were awarded as the Best SR Company in 1996 (7th SRC) and 1998 (12th SRC).

Cabunoc in 2004, handled the training for the Marksmanship Training Unit of the Philippine Army’s Training and Doctrine Command.Until 2007, he was in charge of the training of the Army Shooting Team and implemented the Army-wide marksmanship training program.

Of the soldier's many impressive talents, his prowess in sharpshooting is notable.

Of his latest feats, Cabunoc helped fight the News People Army along side his men in the 33rd infantry (Makabayan) Battalion, and Mayor Randy Ecija of Sultan Kudarat.
After which he met with the former rebels and their families.

Cabunoc is one among the many heroes of the country, who risk and offer their lives for their nations.


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