A businesswoman was robbed by the "laglag-barya gang", screenshot photo from TV patrol news
A businesswoman was robbed by the "laglag-barya gang" of her belongings totalling almost 2 million pesos, as captured by a dash camera of a motorist following the victim's car.

The video shows the victim's SUV trying to find a parking space when a man knocked on her window and told her that she dropped a coin and a key.

The victim, unaware that another man was on the other side of her car, went down to check the said coin and key, while that man got into her car and stole her bag.

The two men, including three women surrounding the car, and alleged accomplices to the crime, immediately left.

According to Supt. Gene Licud of Pasay City police, the stolen luxury bag, including jewelry, and an expensive watch, totalled 1.7 million.

According to the Pasay City Police, the group targets women who drive alone and have belongings inside their car.

The women who serve as accomplices, are the ones who point out at a targed and look-outs.

As seen in the video, the group is well-organized.

Authorities are now investigating the identities of the suspects that were captured in the video.

They are also looking into the CCTV footage of the incident.

Citizens who know the identities of the criminals, may contact the Pasay City Police through their hotline number 0998-598-7922..

Watch video below:
Source: TV Patrol

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