The wake of Mabel Cama, Reynaldo Cama, CHR Chairperson Chito Gascon and Archbishop Socrates Villegas, photo from Pinoy Trending News
The father of Mabel Cama, a 22 year old victim of rape-slay in Pasig City, admitted that he was dismayed with the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines and the Commission on Human Rights for the absence of any representative from their part during the wake of the victim.

Reynaldo Cama said that he was disappointed for he expected that anyone from the CHR or the CBCP would approach the family of the victim, as his daughter was a victim of a drug user, which is what the CHR and CBCP have been advocating against.

Mabel, who after just a week of starting her career as a bank employee was found dead, with her shorts and undergarments removed, and the lower part of her body burned.

The victim's face was also deformed, as if it was hit by hard object.

Witnesses claim that she was seen knocking on the gate of their house when unidentified men surrounded her.

Suspects were taken in by the police. One of the suspects, Randy Oavenada was a resident of the abandoned building where Mabel's corpse was found.

The suspect tested positive for drug use.

Meanwhile Reynaldo calls on to both the CHR and the CBCP for help as both institutions were fighting for human rights.

He said that if it were true that bodies wanted justice for uman rights victims, they should have reached out to him and help bring justice to Mabel's death.

Under the Constitution, the CHR is an independent office meant to investigate violations of human rights, specifically those perpetrated by the state.

The CHR's jurisdiction is limited to victims of political abuses, and their function is limited to investigation, and not adjudication of cases.


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Walang CHR at CBCP na nakiramay: Father of Pasig rape-slay victim disappointed with CHR, CBCP Walang CHR at CBCP na nakiramay: Father of Pasig rape-slay victim disappointed with CHR, CBCP Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 24 November Rating: 5

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