Mark Lopez and Vice Presidential daughter Aika Robredo, photo compiled from Facebook and Google
After Vice Presidential daughter Aika Robredo tweeted against the Marcos family, a netizen called her act that of hypocrisy.

Mark Lopez in his Facebook page, quoted the daughter of VP Leni Robredo who on the anniversary of the burial of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, tweeted:

"One year ago, we buried a dictator in a place that was meant and reserved for heroes. Like a thief in the night. Never forget. #Marcosnotahero"

UST alum slams Aika Robredo for "hyprocrisy" of her anti-Marcos post

On the tweet itself, Lopez managed to reply via his own Twitter account, bringing up the alleged electoral cheating in the May 2016 elections on the part of the incumbent Vice President.

"In May 2016, massive cheating happened in the VP electoral count, and your mother suddenly became Vice President. Like a thief in the night. And yes Aika, we will not forget,. We are still counting now. Your mom better prepare. #LeniIsNotTheRealVP"

UST alum slams Aika Robredo for "hyprocrisy" of her anti-Marcos post

In his Facebook post, Lopez further criticized Aika, by bringing up her controversial admission to the prestigious Harvard University.

"I am no Marcos fanatic, but for a Harvard student whom the Filipino taxpayer is probably funding, her post deserves to be called out for its hypocrisy," he said.

Aika was accepted to the university last year and it sparked controversies on how the VP could afford such an expensive education considering her salary and networth as shown in her SALN.

Robredo declared $160,000 in her latest Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.

Aika was named an Edward S. Mason Fellow for the class of 2018.

Critics claim that the money was from illegal means.

“What worries us is that Mrs Robredo might be using ill-gotten funds sourced from drugs and illegal gambling and plundered from the Filipino people to finance Jessica Marie’s graduate studies,” the group We Are Collective Backup V2 said.

"You Aika should know better not to throw shade when your family has never been the beacon of heroism and greatness that you delusionally think you are," Lopez said.

Ferdinand Marcos was buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani last year.

Source: Mark Lopez

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UST alum slams Aika Robredo for "hyprocrisy" of her anti-Marcos post UST alum slams Aika Robredo for "hyprocrisy" of her anti-Marcos post Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 21 November Rating: 5

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