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Adam Garrie, author of the website The Duran in his article published last Monday, said that President Rodrigo Duterte has opened new doors for the Philippines during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang Vietnam, with his newly formed geo-political and geo-economic game plan.

According to Garrie, Duterte's game plan has been a success businessmen are confident about, and one which lays down a foundation for future expansion.

Philippines under Duterte has led the way for all of of South East Asia into a pragmatic understanding of prevailing realities, from the tense situation among countries on the dispute of the West Philippine Sea.

He said that the Philippines under Duterte has shown a positive attitude towards the issue formed by its solid commitment to peace and cooperation which was applauded by China and is being rewarded in the form of new investments in the country.

This is beneficial, he said, as China is one of the top ten countries with the most impressive growing economies.

Garrie also showed snippets of how the Chinese media praised Duterte regarding his discussion with President Xi at the APEC summit. (See

Garrie also mentioned that the Philippine President had a successful meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Both Presidents are planning on an improved military defense cooperation.

In fact, the Philippines has received ammunition and Naval ships from Russia.

Josephine Romero, an adviser at the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Program Chair of ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2017 was quoted as saying, "They (Russia) also mentioned their advanced [space] technology. Different ASEAN member nations are also exploring space technology, something the Russians are very proud to say they’re very advanced. Finally, they mentioned they would like to strengthen relations with ASEAN member nations. We expect the Prime Minister to lay down some of their strategic directions”.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque also had the same thoughts, "There are Russian companies wanting to invest in transportation [projects], including a subway, and he (Putin) even made particular mention of the interest in building a light metro rail for Baguio and La Trinidad," he said.

It is alleged that the country has allowed for Russia to establish a nuclear power plant in the country.

"The two overriding themes of Duterte’s geo-economic reach can be summed up as follows: 1. Philippines is open for business with new regional and international partners  2. Philippines is becoming a safe, comfortable and forward looking place to do business "

"Those who cannot see the causal relationship between Duterte’s tough law and order position on drugs and related crime and terrorism issues, and new possibilities of investment in Philippines, are simply being naive," Garrie said, adding that a safe country is the best to invest in.

He also mentioned that this is deteriorating the relationship between PH and the United States, but it teaches the latter a lesson.

"This is a clear message to the United States that if Washington wants to maintain good ties with Philippines, it cannot take Philippines for granted ever again. Duterte’s statement is also an example to fellow South East Asian nations, that the road to the future involves cooperation with both Russia and China. This is the future and Duterte has seen it first."

He added that PH-US ties may be fixed, as Duterte will meet with US President Donald Trump in the ASEAN Summit.

"Among all the APEC and ASEAN members, Philippines has mastered the “win-win” mentality more effectively than any other. While the Liberal opposition party continue to undermine Duterte’s achievements, the wider world is acknowledging their success. Duterte is a leader who gets things done and all Filipinos will ultimately benefit from this," Garrie said.


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