Franco Mabanta and Sen. Antonio Trillanes, photo compiled from Facebook and Google
Franco Mabanta, one of the youngest poker stars in the Philippines and a political commentator, said that the events of Senator Antonio Trillanes in the United States barely get Filipino audiences.

This was following an article by the Philippine Star which told that US President Donald Trump, when asked if he knew Trillanes, called him a "little narco".

Trump was quoted as having said, “Senator who? Like I said senator who? The li'l narco who met Marco? How’d he get a visa? Isn’t he wanted? Doesn’t he have an arrest warrant or something?”

This was after he was asked if Trillanes was trying to convince him to skip the East Asia Summit scheduled in Manila on Nov. 14.

Trillanes recently visited the US and had a meeting with US Senator Marco Rubio. Many theorized that Trillanes intended to stop Trump from attending the ASEAN Summit.

"For US President Donald Trump, Senator Antonio Trillanes is a small fry, someone not worth wasting his time; a nobody," Mabanta said.

Mabanta said that according to his uncle, Jerms Estrada who visited one of Trillanes' events, the venue was empty.

Mabanta said that analysts say they can't recall a time when just five people attended the event of a residing Philippine senator.

"In effect, it's looking like the new modus operandi of the destabilizing party entails them flying their anti-administration senators to other countries, creating fake hype and gloss around their trips, and then pretend and ultimately present that they're speaking at a forum that means something, and where attendees are interested in hearing about the shortcomings of President Duterte," he said.

"Yet in truth, these forums amount to absolutely nothing, a glossy smoke screen, and none of our OFW's and foreign friends give it any attention," he added.

Mabanta said that the instances only suggest that the Liberal Party is trying to get creative.

"With Leni's vice presidential recount looming in the horizon, it seems like they've shifted gears and are now on panic mode as they feel the need to speed up their plans."

Mabanta even suggested that Trillanes should be encouraged by the Liberal Party to download Tinder, a dating application.

"A minor Sentaor Trillanes married? Perhaps the Yellow Think Tank should help him download Tinder? He seems frustrated and in desperate need of a snuggle. "

Trillanes responded to the statement of Trump, and said that the allegations were mere "fake news". 

Source: Franco Mabanta

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