Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Former President Benigno Aquino III, photo compiled from Google
Paula Defensor Knack who claims to be the sister of the late Senator Miriam Santiago, shed light on the issue of the massive waste dump made by Canada to the Philippines during the administration of President Benigno Aquino.

The government of Aquino allegedly allowed the foreign country to dump their waste in the Philippines in exchange for giving 500 jobs to Filipino nurses in Canada, according to journalist Jojo Robles.

Allegedly, the deal was 106 container vans for 500 nurse positions.

Robles further stated that the Department of Foreign Affairs shut down the House Investigation on the incident during that time, upon the then Chief Executive's orders.

"Aquino AGREED with Canada to violate INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW by allowing Canada to dump 50 containers of trash in the country ? No right-minded leader would allow a country to violate international law in its own territory !! STUPIDITY AT ITS HEIGHT !" Knack said.

Paula Defensor Knack, photo from PhilNews.Ph
She added that some of those actually shipped in the country have been hidden.

"Reports say originally 100 containers ang na-dump ng Canada sa Pinas...ang 50 containers tinago na.... VIOLATION PA RIN OF INTERNATIONAL LAW AT SI AQUINO ANG KONSINTIDOR !
So what now because the trash is rotting and has become TOXIC ?" she added.

Four years later, Canada persists in delivering their waste to the country.

The issue  resurfaced after the visit of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the country for the Association of South East Asian Nations Summit in the country last week.

Trudeau says it is now “theoretically” possible for Canada to bring back 103 container vans of trash illegally shipped to the country. He, however, does not make a full commitment to move the garbage out of the country yet.

“Even though it originally came from Canada, we had legal barriers and restrictions that prevented us from being able to take it back,” he says. “Those regulations and those impediments have now been addressed, so it is now theoretically possible to get it back.”

Source: Paula Defensor Knack

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