Antonio Contreras and Teodoro "Teddy" Baguilat Jr, photo compiled from Google
De la Salle University professor of political science, and known President Rodrigo Duterte supporter Antonio Contreras on Thursday answered Ifugao representative Teodoro "Teddy" Baguilat Jr, after the latter said that the money for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit went to waste.

"Billions of pesos spent hustong ASEAN, did we get anything in return? Puro handshakes, obligated smiles and safe rhetoric. Like we hosted a giant oarty and photo ops," the representative said on his Twitter account on Friday.

Contreras then answered, by stating the purpose of the ASEAN.

"Let me explain that this role of hosting regional summits is rotated among member countries not because they expect something in return. It is because it is part of their obligations as members of ASEAN," he said.

Contreras claimed that the Filipinos are not mercenaries and opportunists in this scenario.

"And since you love to promote human rights, aren't you happy that some progress was made about the Rohingyas in Myanmar. Oh is it because they are not Filipinos? Then what about the progress made on migrant labor? Are you not happy about that too even if it would benefit many Filipinos? Ano ba talaga hanap mo? EJK-related issues?"

The ASEAN summit concluded yesterday,and was held in Manila since President Duterte is its current chairperson.

While Duterte's war on drugs has been the subject of several international leaders and organizations, the leaders who attended the summit were silent on the matter, except for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau which Duterte crticized for having given insult to him.

The ASEAN chairmanship is handed to countries on a rotational basis. The next time the Philippines will assume the role is 10 years from now because ASEAN consists of 10 member states.

Source: Antonio P. Contreras

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Political analyst answers Rep. Teddy Baguilat's criticism of ASEAN, "we are not opportunists" Political analyst answers Rep. Teddy Baguilat's criticism of ASEAN, "we are not opportunists" Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 16 November Rating: 5

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