Senator Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao, photo from UNTV
"Gusto kong umayaw na"

Senator Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao has expressed his intention to resign out of his disappointment with the politicians and the politics in the country.

"Kung tatanungin mo ako ngayon sa pulitika, parang gusto kong madismaya, ma discourage. Gusto kong umayaw na, ano ba.. ganito pala yung pulitika? Kasi hindi ako marunong mamulitika e."

He said that he will push for what he feels is right for the country, and not worry about the extra corners of politics. He also admitted that he was able to see a lot of things when he entered politics.

Pacquiao said that he found it difficult to distinguish the truth from the lies and a lot of politicians are two-faced.

"Marami akong nadiskubre dito pagdating sa pulitika na hindi mo malaman kung totoo o hindi, maraming nagtatago sa ibang anyo."

Asked if he still wanted to run after his term ends in 2022, he said that resignation did cross his mind, but the thought of his countrymen needing his help, makes him want to run again.

Pacquiao specifically pointed that some of his colleagues are destablizing the government.

"Ayaw ko ng pangalanan, mag-init lang yung ulo ko. Buti na lang hindi ako si Duterte."

He said that this attitude makes him disappointed and angered.

"Ayaw kong magsalita ng bad words pero nagagalit ako sa ganyan."

Pacquiao, a known champion in the field of boxing, won in the national elections last year, it being his first time to run in the senatorial race.


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