Kris Caandoy and Inquirer's published fake news, photo compiled from Facebook and Allthingspinoy site
On Wednesday, a netizen used social media to reprimand The Philippine Daily Inquirer after it has published a flawed story, calling it fake news, and the post went viral.

Kris Caandoy in Facebook, slammes the report by Inquirer that the Philippine National Police Special Armed Forces and the Presidential Security Group are bodyguards of a convicted drug queen's daughter.

Inquirer in November 6, published the story that raiders discover drug queen's daughter being guarded by elite Special Armed Forces and Presidential Security Group members, but corrected the story later on, claiming that the security was Walter Vidad from the Philippine National Police's Police Security and Protection Group.

Caandoy post in reaction to this lambasted PDI for the "fake news".

He said, "Ayon sa Inquirer, PNP-SAF and Presidential Security Group (PSG) daw ang bodyguards ng anak ng isang "drug queen".
Apparently, it was fake news."

 He criticized how Inquirer simply edited the article and gave no public erratum whatsoever, despite the fact that the news has already been shared all over Facebook.

"Mainstream media, isn't this too much already? Your readers take your reports as gospel truth, because you are professionals and are supposed to have verified everything thoroughly. You're not shady, fly-by-night bloggers, you sick freaks," he said.

He also called on Presidential Speaker Harry Roque qho recently asked Duterte supporters to leave mainstream journalists alone.

"What say you, Mr. Harry Roque?"

The post has garnered 1,500 likes and 2,500 shares.

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