RJ Nieto(Thinking Pinoy), The Adobo Chronicles logo and Jover Laurio(Pinoy Ako Blog), photo compiled from Google
Adobo Chronicles, a satirical website criticized Jover Laurio, the anti-administration blogger behing Pinoy Ako Blog,  after she hit blogger RJ Nieto a.k.a Thinking Pinoy, by saying that her claims against Nieto were "fake".

After Thinking Pinoy released an article stating that Unites States President Donald Trump called Senator Antonio Trillanes a "lil' narco", Laurio lambasted him and said that his source was Adobo Chronicles, a satirical news site.

In Adobo Chronicles' post, “An Open Letter to Jover Laurio A.K.A Pinoy Ako Blog”, it said that Laurio’s attempt in providing “receipt” or proofs that Nieto’s post is mere fake news is also fake.

 “You try to make your point by posting something fake yourself,” Adobo Chronicles wrote.

The site clarified that Nieto's post came before their post on the matter.

"We thank you for promoting The Adobo Chronicles! But in doing so, you posted wrong information yourself. TP’s post was not based on The Adobo Chronicles’ story.  In fact, his post preceded our article," the post read.

The site defended Nieto, and clarified that his source was the Philippine Star, a popular newspaper.

PhilStar however, deleted their article, but not after it has been archived on the internet.

"You call your screenshots “resibo” or proof of your arguments or comments. But apparently, your “resibo” was fake," the site said.

"Perhaps, we need Rappler — recently made a member of the International Fact-check Network — to fact-check your blog.  Wouldn’t that be something?" it added.

Meanwhile, Trillanes called the story "fake news".

Trump allegedly called the senator a narco whose arrest might be wanted, after he was asked if Trillanes approached him and encouraged him to skip the ASEAN convention on Nov 14.

This followed the news of the senator flying to the USA and met with US Senator Marco Rubio to discuss "political alliances".

Source: adobochronicles.com

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Jover Laurio lambasted by satire news site, calls her facts "fake" Jover Laurio lambasted by satire news site, calls her facts "fake" Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 03 November Rating: 5

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