Mocha Uson, Sass Sasot and RJ Nieto, screenshoto photo from PhFlix Facebook video
Sass Sasot in her recent issue with a reporter of BBC, said that  the least a "white person" could do when he gets to a country is to have a sense of humility.

"The least that a white person could do when he goes to a country that has been subjugated by white people for a long time is to have a sense of humility, that they are talking about the culture or context that they know nothing about because they haven't lived that life."

She said that such foreigners should understand the pains and sufferings of that nation, to which they are unfamiliar with.

"So what they can do is to have that sense of humility, (to acknowledge) that the best people who could talk about that issue are the people who lived that life."

Sasot, a blogger and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte has been hitting the headlines after she confronted BBC Southeast Asia correspondent Jonathan Head as he covered the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit on Monday.

“BBC contacted Jover Laurio right? When are you gonna contact me? See? This is the disparity here. Why suddenly BBC is contacting Jover Laurio?” Sasot told Head.

This was after BBC featured Laurio, a known blogger of the opposition.

Sasot insisted that Laurio’s interview was an insult to her, as well as to other Duterte supporters.

“It’s either that you are really, really famous, that you are a decision-maker of a country, you are a celebrity, then you are given this platform. But Jover Lario is none of that. The only link to that is she is being protected, financed probably, by the Liberal Party of the Philippines,” Sasot added.

Presidential Communications Operation Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, who is also a known pro-Duterte blogger, was standing between Sasot and Head all throughout the confrontation.

Source: PhFlix

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