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A recent online survey showed that eight out of ten millenials expressed their admiration to the way President Rodrigo Duterte's style of leadership.

From the “Pahayag” online poll of Publicus Asia Inc., 82 percent of millennials, or those aged 18 to 36, approve of Duterte’s nearly two-year performance as president.

His approval rating was highest in the Mindanao region with 94 percent.

The survey conducted from Nov 5 to 12 and it was meant to establish a baseline for Filipino millenials in determining their engagement in matters of politics, economics, media habit, lifestyle choices and socio-political issues.

Despite the criticisms thrown at the Duterte administration , the survey showed that a majority of millenials are still positive about the President, according to Publicus founder and CEO Malou Tiquia.

She said that 74 percent of millennials said that Duterte makes them feel “optimistic,” while 71 percent said that he makes them “feel proud.”

Tiquia said only 16 percent are "disappointed , with 11 percent feeling "angry" about him.

Duterte was also seen as someone who “represents change”, with 72 percent, a nationalist by 69 percent of the population, and 68 percent believe that his “policy of no-frills lifestyle for public officials should be praised,”.

Tiquia noted that millennials are optimistic of the country’s future, with eight out of 10 millennials saying that the Philippines’ “best years are ahead of us.”

The survey also revealed that the infamous language and gesture of Duterte is also not a concern for the millenials.

Sixty-five percent found Duterte's manner of speaking as "natural and honest", the same they say can be said with his "folksy ways".

However, this doesn't imply that the millenials share the same values as Duterte, according to Publicus co-founder, Lilibet Amatong.

Regarding the extrajudicial killings in the country following the Duterte administration, millenials found it be either "criticial" or "serious", with 43 and 18 percent respectively.

The Philippine National Police meanwhile, received a “very favorable/mostly favorable” rating of 52 percent.

The police was in charge of the drug war operations but such simmered down after allegations of abuse of power and corruption within their very ranks.

Duterte, however, said on Wednesday that he would soon return the task from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency to the PNP.

According to Amatong, he administration should take the findings in the poll as an instrument to guide them in setting the country’s policies.

She also claimed that ratings are pulled up by the Mindanao respondents , and that for this to be maintained, changes must be felt in the region.


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