Getsy Tiglao and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo compiled from Google
Getsy Tiglao,a columnist for the Manila Bulletin, in her article on Nov 3, praised President Rodrigo Duterte who in a span of year, has built strong relationships with both Japan and China.

"For instance, Duterte’s notable pivot toward Asia is now reaping tremendous benefits."

She said that Duterte's independent foreign policy has revived nationalism – much to the chagrin of the globalist elite – and refocused attention on our natural allies, our fellow Asians.

"Both Japan and China are wooing Duterte, who has emerged as an important diplomatic player in Asia even with the contentious disputes over land and maritime claims in the South China Sea. Duterte’s power comes from his strong leadership and this is something that world leaders recognize immediately."

She noted how both China and Japan gave the country billions worth of investments.

She also recalled how China called the country its "good friend".

Prior Duterte, the Philippines inclination was towards the United States until Duterte criticized both the US and the European Union, claiming that the Philippines has long sicns ceased to be a colony.

This year, Japan promised PH 9 billion pesos of economic assistance so it could rebuild its social infrastructure.

The $9-billion economic assistance to the Philippines includes soft loans to fund construction of the country’s first subway, an underground fast-train system from Quezon City to the airport in ParaƱaque, to be built with Japanese tunneling technology

The President's visit to Japan resulted in 6 billion worth in new trade ventures.

According to Tiglao, last August, Duterte had a good meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Western media, which has been engaged in a massive campaign to malign Duterte with their exaggerated reports, were disappointed that Tillerson discussed counterterrorism and North Korea with Duterte instead of the much-ballyhooed subject of human rights.

"Asian leaders don’t care that Duterte peppers his speech with cussing and hyperbole, which of course, he reserves for the entertainment of the local Filipino audience. Neither, it seems, does the US, especially under the Donald Trump administration. It is only the critics of Duterte that are still hammering on this useless point while underrating his performance as president," she said.

“We want our relations with Japan to grow even more. Japan is our friend, closer than a brother; Japan treats us as a sovereign equal,” Duterte said. The two countries, he added, “are building the golden age of our strategic partnership."

Tiglao said that such partnership began when the Japanese Prime Minister visited Duterte's residence in Davao where they were shown Duterte's simple lifestyle.

Tiglao also commented on Duterte's personality.

"Duterte has been described as a bit reserved and formal when you first meet him, but warms up fast and loves telling stories in his very own folksy manner. This is why his speeches appear to be rambling ones since he disdains the teleprompter and prepared speeches, which he finds “corny.”" she said.

She said it is this authenticity that makes Filipinos love their president.


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