The boy who wears fake news shirt on CNN field trip, photo from
A seventh grade boy in Dekalb County, Georgia was forced to remove his “Fake News Network,” t-shirt when his class took a field trip to CNN’s Atlanta, Georgia headquarters.

The boy's parents were Nancy and Stan Jester, a country commissioner and a school board member respectively.

Stan Jester, the boy's father, shared the story on his blog.

He said that his son was "stripped of his liberties".

"Back in October, the girls at Cedar Grove High School in the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) took a knee before their playoff game. In a statement issued by DeKalb Schools, ‘If students should elect to express their free speech rights, we want to create and provide a safe space to do so. The goal is not to interfere with the students’ constitutional right to freedom of speech," he said.

"I advocate for the First Amendment across the board. I hope the freedom of students to express themselves will be vigilantly defended across the political, religious, etc … spectrums," he added.

He said his son was on a school trip to CNN, a popular news network.

He said that his son wanted to buy an FNN-Fake News Network shirt to wear for his field trip.

And Stan said, that he, as an "advocate for the First Amendment", agreed to his son's request, and purchased the shirt from Amazon.

He said that he was disappointed that the boy's school called and informed Stan and Nancy that their son should change his clothes.

"I’m disappointed by the hypocrisy of this decision. Some students are celebrated when they make a controversial display during the National Anthem. My student was forced to remove his shirt because someone didn’t like it. I defend speech and expression, even if I disagree, or it makes me uncomfortable," he said.

"Says commenter Max Baerman, “[This] could have been a great teachable moment about Yellow Journalism and the scathing and at times libelous editorials. This experience is teaching my son an interesting lesson," he added.


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