President Rodrigo Duterte and Stephen interviewed by the blogger behind 108Morris from Youtube, photo compiled from Google and Youtube
When asked to describe for his countrymen, what the situation of the Philippines is under President Rodrigo Duterte, an American by the name of "Stephen" gave nothing but praise.

The foreigner based on his statements, is married to a Filipina and has been dwelling in the Philippines for the past three years.

He was interviewed by the blogger behing 108Morris from Youtube and  the interview was published in said channel.

"Americans dont like that Duterte is not letting them play their game and personally, I think its a good thing," Stephen said.

The video, uploaded on December 26, 2016, showed the American saying that he doesn't believe there are extrajudicial killings in the country ordered by Duterte.

He said that the killings were perpetrated by rogue policemen and drug dealers killing each other

Asked if the philippines is not a safe country, he said, " I feel very safe, I've been here for three years, I've never been attacked, I've never had a problem."

He said that crimes are worse in other countries.

Stephen admitted that there is a drug problem in the Philippines, and that Duterte is cleaning it up.

He also clarified that it is not true that the war on drugs only targetted the poor, as a number of generals, police, city mayors, ands barangay chiefs have been arrested for their involvement in drugs.

"The cleanup has really been something," the American said.

He added that his wife's nephew was involved in drug trade, selling weed, and when Duterte was elected, he was called by the police, he cleaned up and was released and has a clean bill on him.

"Many other drug addicts as long as they go through rehab, they are notbeing prosecuted," Stephen said.

He noted how in the Philippines, drugs is a non-bailable offense.

"When he got elected i thought it would be really good for him to break ties from US, from Obama. Since they were basically forcing him to a corner," he said, adding that the US official was forcing him to follow orders and he instead turned to China and Russia.

The American said that there are massive infrastructural developments in the country.

Duterte was questioned by then US President Barack Obama for his methods, which led to a fiery exchange of words between the two leaders.
source: 108morris108

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