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Presidential Communications and Operations Office social media strategist and President Rodrigo Duterte supporter Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles questioned claims of the drug war death toll in the country reaching 14 thousand.

The lawyer through her Facebook page said that the numbers from the Philippine National Police amounted only to three thousand, and said that she is curious as to where the people claiming such fact "get their numbers".

"Drug related deaths are placed at around three thousand per PNP statistics. That includes law enforcement and military agents killed in the line of duty, those killed in bust operations and raids, as well as those known homicides resulting from internal criminal narcotics syndicate struggles."

The lawyer said that these numbers are nowhere near 14,000.

"But you know the REALLY creepy thing? It's when the same people who cry about the killings, the allegedly thousands and thousands of dead, when confronted by the numbers, tell me, after much silence, "14,000. 3000. It doesn't matter. There are still too many dead. And every death counts!"

Like her previous posts, the lawyer felt the need to compare the present status quo with the events from the previous administration of Benigno Aquino III.

"Bes, over 77,000 homicides from 2010-2016. Those dead count too, di ba? But not a word from you about these statistics. And yes, we called some of them EJK too. And the Aquino administration did NOTHING," she said.

She implied that those deaths need more attention, and are also suffering from impunity.

"Now tell me again, from the bottom of your bleeding hearts, which deaths count. Which deaths deserve your attention? Which deaths mean anything to you other than as stage props to use in your campaign to remove our president," her post concluded.

Source: Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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