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A netizen on Facebook shared the story of how criminality was rampant in his hometown, until President Rodrigo Duterte sat in position and made that change.

Gerardo Luis Fernandez, narrated how killings and rape was frequent in his locale, He said that even simple everyday tasks like falling in line for a transport or riding a vehicle made people vulnerable to shootouts.

He said that rape cases were rampant in their community, along with hold-ups, abductions, and muggings, which happened frequently.

"I used to live in a very dangerous community where killings had been an ordinary occurrence.  Corpses would be dropped at anyone’s doorstep; people would be shot while falling in line or buying something in a store; riding in tandems would just shoot anyone while they were waiting for a jeep or a bus.  Rape victims would be dragged out of the sugarcane fields," he said.

"There was even a time when kidnappers hid their victims in a house a few blocks away from me.   I was held up several times and had been mugged so many times.  Drugs were peddled on the streets like ordinary street foods and addicts would threaten you with guns and knives if you wouldn’t give them money," he added.

Fernandez said that minors were even hired as perpetrators. As a teacher, he said that some of his students were actually hired to kill, in exchange for 500 pesos.

In 2016, the criminality rate in the Philippines dropped by 13 percent, after Duterte sat as President.

Incidentally, the murder rate heightened.

Still, Fernandez was firm on his belief that Duterte's measures were able to curve down crime, and that it is the "yellows" or the members of the Liberal Party who are trying to hinder him from doing so.

"Ironically what they are ranting is to end the killings, impunity, tyranny, blah blah blah but it’s the other way around.  They never cared about the victims of criminals, they care so much about the useless lives of criminals for whatever crazy reasons they have," he said.

"The real tyrants are the yellows, and as long as they are allowed to voice out their deceptions and lies, this country will always be in danger," Fernandez added.

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