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Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, who is currently in the country to film a TV series, gave out praises for the Philippine government and President Rodrigo Duterte in a recent interview.

"I am a big fan of the government and  think that Duterte's a good president and that he has been instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place," he said.

The action star-slash-martial arts expert most known for his role in films Above the Law, The Patriot,and Under Siege, said said that he doesn't feel unsafe in the Philippines at all.

"I don't feel like this is a dangerous place, I feel like this is a place that's up and coming," Seagal said.

Seagal in his earlier years, served as a law enforcement officer in Louisiana.

The actor is also known for his political views, having expressed his support and admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to whom Duterte has expressed the same.

Asked about the Philippine President, Seagal has given nothing less, "I think what he's done is very good, in terms of trying to get control back for the people," he said.

Seagal's visit in the country to film 'General Commander' was announced by Duterte himself in 2016. On March 22 last year, he was welcomed by former Ilocos Sur governor Chavit Singson.

The series will tackle corruption, crime and illegal drug trade.

source: Mocha Uson Blog

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Steven Seagal in PH, says he is a BIG FAN of the Duterte government Steven Seagal in PH, says he is a BIG FAN of the Duterte government Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 11 October Rating: 5

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