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After DOH Secretary Pauline Ubial's appointment was rejected by the Commission on Appointments on Tuesday, her son Karl, posted on Facebook about how the CA rejected a person whose life has been dedicated to her career.

"A part of me died today knowing that the esteemed body has made it clear that working from the ground up won't give you the sky," he said.

Karl said that his mother will walk out jobless and vacated from a career she has dedicated her life to for 29 years, adding how he recalls that his family will move from one place to another and his mother will visit far flung hospitals and have sleepless nights.

"She wanted to make this country a better place.I could see it every time she tries to bring me to a far-flung barrio or a hospital I have never thought existed. I could see it every time she stands at a podium and passionately talks about her vision for the Philippines," he said.

"Did my mother's reputation get tarnished? Not one bit. For there are no sane people who will think that false allegations make up for the 29 years of good government service and reputation that has made her viable for the position," he added.

Karl also stated that he refused to give a public apology to Senator Manny Pacquiao who during the hearings, told the former DOH Sec to reprimand her son for voicing out against the government in is social media accounts.

"Senator Pacquiao asked me for an apology, and I will indulge him with one. I apologize for being too young, and for being too brash. I will not however, apologize for doing my duty, being a citizen of this country. I will not apologize for being a voter— the voice of one amidst the voice of a multitude. I will not apologize for being a Filipino."

The CA rejected the ad interim appointment of Ubial after, according to Senator Gregorio Honasan, 13 members voted to dismiss her.

Ubial faced 4 oppositions to her appointment. The first 3 were filed by Kabayan Representative Harry Roque, lawyer Restituto Mendoza, and Potenciano Malvar, medical director of the General Miguel M. Malvar Medical Foundation.

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) employee Marie Fe Francisco filed separate oppositions against Ubial citing to "grave abuse of power and usurpation of authority", also the subject of the manifesto against Ubial, signed by 150 PhilHealth employees.

"Has the Commission of Appointments tarnished my dream nor my mother's reputation? Not one bit. As a democratic voice, I believe Secretary Ubial's legacy will live on, from the Hopeline to Tobacco Cessation. As will the Dr. Ubial from her grassroots career in Kidapawan," Karl said.

Asked for a reaction on her dismissal, Sec. Ubial replied with a short message: "that's life".

Ubial became the fifth Cabinet member of the 15-month-old Duterte administration to be booted out by the bicameral body.

Other Cabinet members whose appointments were rejected by the CA were Perfecto Yasay (foreign affairs), Regina Lopez (environment), Judy Taguiwalo (social welfare) and Rafael Mariano (agrarian reform).

source: Karl Rosell Ubial

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