Dr. Francisco Tranquilino and Psychiatrist Dr. Ana Junia, photo compiled from Google
Dr. Francisco Tranquilino, a cardiologist in the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, in his Facebook account gave a reply to Psychiatrist Dr. Ana Junia, after the latter posted that  doctors who support Duterte should be reviewed by an ethics board and sanctioned.

Tranquilino said that the anti-Duterte doctor's premise is invalid and malicious.

According to Junia's post, doctors who are not speaking up against the killings in the country need be reviewed by an ethics board.

"This is indefensible. This is wrong. If you are not speaking out against this then I recommend some soul searching. If you are a doctor and you are not speaking out against this, then by remaining silent, you will be complicit in the murder of 3 million," Junia said.

She said that doctors whose oath first states that no harm shall be inflicted, cannot side with murder.

Junia added that doctors should lose their right to practice if their solution to drug addiction is murder.

" I encourage the PMA and the PPA to loudly denounce this. I encourage every MD I know to speak out against this and to educate people about substance abuse. Substance abuse is an illness. People addicted to drugs need treatment. If you are an MD, you should know this."

Tranquilino then reacted by pointing out what was wrong with the post.

"First of all, what is so indefensible and wrong about doctors who support President Duterte's war on drugs? It is so illogical and deplorable to say that if a doctor is not speaking out against the government's conduct in its drug war, then he/she becomes complicit in the "murder of 3 million.""

Tranquilino first criticized the number 3 million which Junia said was the number of people killed.

He said the anti-Duterte doctor was spreading fake news.

He also latched on her statement that doctors supporting Duterte need be reviewed by medical ethics boards for promoting murder.

"Whoever said that the solution to the drug problem is murder? Of course murder is evil. But where in the hell did you get the idea that all deaths related to the war on drugs are state-sanctioned? Yes, the police may be involved in some, but these are not sanctioned by the government. It is no way near that," Tranquilino said.

He added that he will discuss the PMA or even PRC  Codes of Ethics which he said was never violated by doctors who support the president.

"I suggest you clear your facts first before accusing your colleagues of any unethical conduct. Otherwise, such malicious, unsubstantiated allegations against a colleague may constitute violation of PRC Code Article I Section 5 and Article IV Section 12, and PMA Code Article I Section 4," his post concluded.

The Professional Regulation Commission and the Philippine Medical Association provides for codes to be followed by those in the medical profession.

Pursuant to the Medical Act of 1959, the Code of Ethics issued by the Philippine Medical Association shall be complied with by all physicians, whether such physicians are members of the association or not.

source: Dr. Francisco Pascual Tranquilino

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