William Engdahl and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo compiled from Google
A blogger alleged that the United States Central Intelligence Agency was behind the siege of Marawi City, a part of the country's attempt to initiate regime change against President Rodrigo Duterte.

The article was written by William Engdahl, a strategic risk consultant and lecturer, with a degree in politics from Princeton University. His write up can be found in the website "Covert Geopolitics".

The Maute and allegedly ISIS aided attack took place in the midst of Duterte's meeting in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which followed his attendance in Beijing on May 15.

Duterte is known to have been vocal against his attempt to stray away from a US- inclined Philippines, and would rather go for a relationship woth Russia and China instead, which according to the blog, made US plan against him.
CIA logo, photo from Chuck Wiki-Fandom

"The terrorist siege in Marawi City is blatantly a desperate Washington try to topple the very popular (80% popularity in polls) Duterte, who successfully won the Presidency last June over a US-backed Mar Roxas, a US-educated former Wall Street banker. Since taking office Duterte has made bold and quite courageous steps to steer the former US Colony towards a Eurasian alliance with China and Russia as his major supporters."

In 2016, Duterte met China’s Xi Jinping and signed numerous trade deals with China. Critically, taking an opposite policy to his pro-US predecessor Benigno Aquino III, Duterte agreed to resolve the South China Sea dispute between Philippines and China through peaceful diplomatic talks, and to as he put it, “seek a separation from the United States.

ISIS was allegedly by the US as a "fake Islamist operation" created with Saudi money goingback to CIA’s Osama Bin Laden Al Qaeda Mujahideen Operation Cyclone during the 1980’s against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Engdahl said that it comes as no surpise to anyone that the US would try to destablize Duterte.

It added that western media hasa portrayed Duterte as a "bumpkin, a lower-than-peasant creature who is only capable of vulgar statements", but after a year, Duterte showed himself to be a polical actor who is detrmined to to bring his country out of colonial servitude.

"In reality IS, or the groups that spring up conveniently in Syria, in Iraq, in Chechnya–wherever the CIA decides it needs a terror hit squad–are trained mercenary killers, trained variously by CIA or Pentagon Special Forces; by Pakistani ISI intelligence, at least formerly, or by Mossad, also known as Israeli Secret intelligence Service, or by MI-6," the post read.

"Today the CIA uses IS as the cover to justify keeping US forces in Iraq after the government asked them to leave; a cover to bomb Syria in order to topple Assad, something Russian presence has made embarrassingly difficult since September, 2015," Engdahl added.

Engdahl said that the ISIS recruits thousands of young psycho recruits from other Muslim work, train them and send them back to places like Chechnya in Russia or Xinjiang in China, or Balochistan Province in Pakistan where the Chinese have built a new deep water port.

It warned that the US will further pull attempts and it will be evident in the next few months.

source: geopolitics.co

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