Mike Acebedo Lopez and VP Leni Robredo, photo from Pinoy Trending News
Following Vice President Leni Robredo's statement that she wishes that President Rodrigo Duterte lift martial law immediately after the war on Marawi ceased, a netizen said that the VP was dull, not knowing that stepsmust be taken first.

Mike Acebedo Lopez in his Facebook page, called Robredo "bobo".

"Wala man lang, "let's assess the situation first" or anything that's reflective, that asks for an evaluation of things before we rush into lifting? Martial Law could even expedite the rehabilitation and rebuilding of Marawi, at di ba magandang simutin na ang mga iba pang natitirang pagulo diyan, other terror cells that remain dormant waiting for the next attack?," his post read.

He also praised how President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration  of martial law in Mindanao crushed the terrorism.

Lopez, a relative of the Marcos family, also said that the martial law helped rid Mindanao of the Parojinog family, its biggest narcotic scourge.

"But Leni's Yellow mind programmed to hate Martial Law only sees it as evil and should be lifted immediately. What an intellectual lightweight. "

Leni insisted that the government lift martial law and begin the rehabilitation of the city.

"Nung sinusulong ito ang sabi niya (Duterte) necessary lang. Sana sa lalong madaling panahon ma lift na ito kasi marami dun ang nagrereklamo na naapektuhan na ang turismo, hanap buhay at maraming umaasa ditong hanapbuhay."

Armed Forces spokesman Major General Restituto Padilla however, said that a consultation will first take place before martial law can be lifted.

source: Mike Acebedo Lopez

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