Aaron Ong and VP Leni Robredo, photo compiled from Google
A netizen on Facebook criticized Vice President Leni Robredo on her recent suggestion that the government implement one plan for Marawi, by saying that she should know by now that she is no "longer relevant". 

"Stop trying to be relevant when you already know that you are irrelevant. Nag-mumukha po tayong tanga eh. Advice ko iyan sa iyo."

Aaron Ong said that the VP after her failure as a member of President Rodrigo Duterte's cabinet, is not in a place to suggest what the government should do.

"When you failed your only job when there was no crisis, what gives you the intellectual and moral ascendancy to tell government what to and not to do to answer the crisis?"

He said the VP was fired for her incompetence.

Ong brought up the controversial typhoon Yolanda funds which went missing while the Liberal Party members were holding government offices.

"When you were subtly fired as housing czar because of your incompetence, failed to hold accountable those responsible for the multi-billion disaster that is the housing project of Yolanda, and spout nonsense regarding the proposed Bicol Railway, giving advice to how the rehabilitation of Marawi should be done by the government which you are still part of, and throwing commentaries here and there to stay relevant is actually doing you a great deal of disservice."

Ong said that in a span of fifteen days following the conclusion of the battle in Marawi, Robredo "proved the strength of your mental faculty to be merely comparable to an amoeba, if not worse."

"Sa PR team niya naman, gawin niyo ang trabaho niyo. On a roll sa 🤦‍♂️ from me, and many more ang boss ninyo. Sayang iyong tax money namin," he said.

"PS: Siya nga pala Aling Leni, kung ang proyekto mo na dalawang buwan lamang matapos inagurahan at dinaanan lamang ng apat na araw na tuloy-tuloy na pag-ulan ay nagcollapse, ughmmm... konting delicadeza naman po. Magkaroon naman tayo ng maliit na hiya," he concluded.

Robredo when she was in San Fernando, Pampanga recently to attend the 30th anniversary of the Talete King Panyulung Kapampangan Foundation Inc. (TPKI), said that the government task force should implement “one plan for all” for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Marawi City.

“Para hindi nadodoble iyong tulong, lahat nabibigyan. Mayroong parang division of hindi lang labor pero division of resources, Ang importante ngayon sa pagtulong, magkaroon ng iisang listahan, iisang inventory, iisang plano." she said.

The Vice President explained that coordinating with the Task Force Bangon Marawi would be the most effective way of helping people in the war-torn city.

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