MUST WATCH: San Beda lawyer ibinida si President Duterte on Russian TV
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Atty Bruce Rivera, a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, was interviewed in Russia Today where he got to speak about the former.

Rivera, was intoruduced as professor Rivera, started the interview by introducing Duterte as having been considered an outsider, being a mayor from Davao City for two years then delving straight into being President.

Asked about the President's plans, Rivera shared that a government of federalism is being planned for the country.

He said that they are studying what kind of federalism is needed, looking into the cases of France and the United States.

Rivera however clarified that Duterte is still focused in his two primary campaign promises of destroying drug trade and corruption.

He said that corruption in the Philippines was "even made more bureaucratic and more institutionalized."

Tackling the problem of the illegal trade in the country, he said, "drugs is not a health issue, but it is more an epidemic, poisoning the poor and causing them to do crimes".

Rivera also tackled the issue of Duterte saying strong words against United States former President Barack Obama, and said that the Filipinos have been "Uncle Sam's whipping boy for a long time".

He defended Philippines' siding with China, saying that it is logical as the two are Asian neighbors, and and mentioned the country's independent foreign policy.

Rivera also tackled the country's problem on the rise of extrajudicial killings, but clarified that not all killings should be associated with Duterte's drug war.

"Only 3,900 have been killed in extrajudicial killings. In 2013 under the Aquino administration, 16,000 people were killed," he said.

Rivera clarified that there is a misconception as the 13,000 is the sum total of all killings in the country, including murder and homicide and cannot be all attributed to the drug war.

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source: Russian TV

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